The Best of All Possible Worlds

This is the optimal outcome of the U.S. Presidential campaign at this point.

  1. Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.
  2. He goes down in flames in the general election, losing with less than 15 percent of the vote.
  3. In his concession speech, he explains he’s been a double agent all along, and he just said all that stuff to expose the fatuousity and corruption of our political system.
  4. He produces documents to prove his case and we see it is absolutely true and also some journalists helped him and he goes back to real estate having gained the status of legendary grandpaw to the new and better U.S.

Sadly, this will not happen. That is not what is going on. He’s said things that can’t be taken back. He’s picked a side and even if it turns out he’s on the other side in his heart, it’s too late. He’s irredeemable.

I’ll be fairly pissed if y’all pick this one post, which doesn’t even have images (but DOES have a music video), and send it viral. I have no doubt that if you all wanted to, you could make a blog post or a Facebook post or even a tweet of mine go viral. I have faith in you. But please, not this one.

Trump is no double agent.

Here’s what’s happening instead.

This guy thinks just because he has a good relationship with the reality TV audience, all he has to do is toss his hat into the ring, and the electorate will willingly place the living, beating heart of our republic in his hands to do with it what he will.

I call bullshit.

Donald J. Trump is a preening, entitled douche canoe. He represents the worst parts of all of us. He believes he can mock our culture and make us like it.

Just because the Republican party sold its soul to the Devil 40 years ago doesn’t mean the United States of America has to sell its soul to Donald Trump in the here-and-now.

Now get out there on your social media and point out just how ridiculous this whole thing is in your own way.

And get your asses to the polls.

I’m done for now.

That felt so very good.

6 thoughts on “The Best of All Possible Worlds

  1. I rarely, if ever get political because well my Mamma taught me never to talk about religion, politics or anything else taboo, especially with people who don’t hold my same values. But therein lies the problem. The less we talk about how we feel about certain subjects, as life altering as this, the more we allow ourselves to be walked all over. I understand I probably wont change someones mind if they are dead set in their ways, but I just get so discouraged seeing seemingly intelligent people falling for the crap this fool is talking about, and their source for information is no better than a Sunday morning comic strip. Think it’s time to stop worrying about offending someone else’s point of view by keeping my thoughts to myself, what would be worse is allowing something like this to happen to our society by keeping my mouth shut. I won’t force feed my opinions on others, but my opinion is just as valid as any other. If I don’t shout it from the rooftops, it means nothing. I also want to thank you for always expressing your opinion in an intelligent, respectful manner, you don’t need to resort to low standards to get your point across. Now that I ran my brains all over your post, I think I’ll take your advice and come up with my own, thank you for the inspiration! Paula

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    • Far as running your brains all over my post goes, don’t give that a second thought. It’s good to know this is encouraging you to speak out.

      I grew up in a similar situation. I stopped talking to my family of origin about politics during the Bush II years because things just got so nasty.

      I agree that we should talk about it more, and that once a person is grown, you aren’t going to change their minds. At least not in one conversation.

      But just sweeping it all under the rug and pretending it doesn’t exist won’t work. We can’t fix it until we get ourselves comfortable with talking about it and being disagreed with. Because that’s the only way we have of figuring out where the problems are.

      You don’t have to be a raging asshole to be assertive about politics. Especially in conversations where people are interested in what you have to say, even though you know they’re going to disagree with you, and especially if the person disagreeing with you is wanting you to hear them out and understand where they’re coming from.

      If we could all learn to talk in an unashamed way in these sorts of conversations. Talk until we’re done. And then listen attentively for as long as we just spent talking, we’d be a lot better off than we are now.


  2. I had hoped for this at one point to. That Trump was conducting a huge social experiment to demonstrate how easily our citizenry falls prey to celebrity and bluster. But you’re right. It’s gone too far. That scenario, farfetched as it was 6 months ago is not even remotely a possibility now. Sigh… and I like what Paula said. Us Southerners are raised to be polite and to not ruffle feathers. I think at some point, being polite is overrated. Sometimes you have to get a little loud and make people a little uncomfortable. This is one of those times for sure.


    • I posted a thing on my FB timeline an hour or so ago. Five-word comment policy for political bloggers: “Be nice or piss off.” I almost added just for clarity “being polite is not the same thing as being nice.” The trolling-folk are good at being polite when it suits them. But their behavior is not nice.

      So I say politeness is definitely overrated.

      I’m amazed by how early I saw this for what it was. At the point where Trump was still a joke, I chastised a very good internet/media friend for publishing an article suggesting that Dem-leaning people should go and vote for him in the GOP primaries because I was afraid of what might happen if he started gaining momentum. That was like August or September or something.

      It’s gone way too far. What he is doing is not a ploy. Even if it were, he’s doing real damage on a daily basis at this point. He is a megalomaniac and I am so fearful about where this is all going I just described another human being as a “douche canoe” and used purple prose to make a political argument on a blog which bears my name.


    • I thought that might be possible, for a short while. Not now, though. And I was stepping on my Facebook friends’ mad schemes to game open primaries and make him the nominee last fall. I don’t want him to even get close to the Presidency. He’s damaging our reputation in the world and making our allies go “WTF, U.S.A.?” on a daily basis at this point. and he’s not even the Prez. He’s just a candidate.


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