What I’m up to

Since I missed the #WeekendCoffeeShare at Part Time Monster last weekend and also haven’t brought the political chatter this week, have a post about my life. It’s a list of things I am engaged in right now. Sadly, there are no numbers because the list-numbering on WordPress got stupid while I wasn’t looking, and isn’t playing nice with the visual elements.

Taking care of my dog. She’s a girl puppy, just older than six months. She had her rabies vaccination and her surgery today. Also, a bath and a nail trim. She seems ok. She was wanting to play fetch with the rubber chicken awhile ago, but she is on limited activity for the next three days, so I could only toss the chicken about two feet and she was very confused about why I wasn’t tossing it far enough for her to run after it.

Lil' Pup. She's a monster, and a connoisseur of fine paper. That's Mr. Chicken she's gnawing on there. She loves Mr. Chicken, but they are not friends.

Lil’ Pup at three months. She’s a monster, and a connoisseur of fine paper. That’s Mr. Chicken she’s gnawing on there. She loves Mr. Chicken, but they are not friends.

She’s also on half-rations and can’t have tiny bits of human food, so she’s pretty pitiful emotionally even though she seems ok. Poor baby.

Having lots of headaches at the paying job. That’s to be expected. Shit happens. I just don’t understand why shit always seems to happen in several ways at once. But it does.

Plotting and scheming with my friend Hannah Givens. Last month we recorded an oral history in which I talked about my political experiences in Mississippi from the time I was a child up to the present day. We’ve got an hour of audio. We’re working on the transcript and figuring out how to present that content we generated to the rest of you. We’re also up to another thing, but I can’t talk about that one yet.

Working on a post for Comparative Geeks about my gaming adventures with my elementary-age grandson. Will mostly be about Halo. That one I hope to write this weekend (fingers crossed).

Having a disagreement with a local institution which requires me to write an email that is every bit as complex as the most difficult blog stuff I’ve ever written. That is why I’ve not had a post this week.

Figuring out new and better ways to support creative friends who I’ve met online and would like to see break through into big markets and sell their work (like Luther, just to name one).

Working myself up to write a thing about religion. Even though I dislike talking about religion on the Internet, people are making religious arguments to roll back the progress we’ve made on gay marriage across the South, and I had an experience at Gretchen’s blog the other day which convinced me I need to talk about it.WipeOutHomophobiaFB

Thinking about the elections. And now you get the political chatter.

I am curious about what’s happening in Wisconsin next week, and how that affects the round after. Wisconsin is the only big primary in a long, dead stretch. There’s potential for that election to change narratives and such.

Bernie Sanders’ wins in Washington State, Alaska, and Hawaii are the headlines on the Dem side right now. He won by larger margins than most people expected, but those were caucuses, two of the three are heavily white, and Bernie is running out of caucuses.

Last time I looked, Sanders had won fewer delegates from those three contests combined than Hillary Clinton won in Florida alone. So he closed the gap a little, but not enough. He has to at least play even in Wisconsin. However it comes out, New York will tell us where this one is going, I think.


Trump’s support among Republicans nationwide is approaching 50%, and Cruz is in for a hard stretch. Cruz’s base is very religious and very conservative people. The next two rounds involve a lot of states which have large populations of more socially liberal and less religious Republicans. I told y’all Trump is dangerous. He could win this nomination.

All we can do now is wait, scan headlines, and keep talking about the dangers.

13 thoughts on “What I’m up to

  1. I really hope that your dog will be on her feet again in no time.
    You know, as you are one of the first bloggers I came across on wp, I am always really happy to see a post pop up, but I do guess that I like your writing style too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, that is so cool. Nice to be one of the first. I’m pretty sproradic these days, but glad you’re still finding me.

      This is one of those I posted at an odd time and did not tag the thing at all just to see what the WP reader is getting me. I do that at least every few months.


  2. I love updates like this. I think it’s why the Weekend Coffee share is such a wonderful idea. Give your puppy a hug for me. She’ll be better fixed in the long run but it’s always hard to explain that to the doggies. 🙂
    And thanks for the lovely update!!

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    • Thanks! And yes, one of the reasons the coffee share does so well. That and those posts are just so flexible. You can do almost anything with them as long as you use the coffee tone.

      I agree, she’s better off fixed. If I had the ability to keep fenced in with enough space to romp, and the money to pay unlimited bet bills, I’d have waited until she was three and let her breed once with just the right mate. I’ve never had a dog I’ve more wanted to have puppies and keep one. But just no resources.

      She from an all-female litter, and if I could have afforded to care for two puppies these last six months, (early medical care is expensive), I would have kept one of her sisters, too. That’s how good these doggies are.

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    • Oh and btw. That bean bag in the photo? She’s so big, the bean bag is her kennel cushion. She’s also well-behaved enough we only kennel her when she’s too excited to keep from jumping on visitors or when we leave the house entirely. Most nights, she sleeps on a blanket beside the bed. I’ll try and get some updated snaps of her soon, but all I have is a phone, and it’s hard to get a good one of her with the phone.

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    • He left us, but he hasn’t come to harm or run feral. We still see him around in the neighborhood. I figure either he’s found someone that’s feeding him better food than we were (maybe leftovers) and has an enclosed yard that’s big enough he doesn’t mind staying in it most of the time.

      For awhile we thought he had a girlfriend, but he’s been gone too long for that.

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  3. I’m glad you have a well behaved pup. I seem to have one that is unpredictable and rowdy. He’s a big goofball and we love him, but he has known to take off running after UPS guys and the occasional jogger. He’s strong, too, so even if I have him on the leash he can pull my feet out from under me or take off fast enough that I lose my grip on the leash. There are days where I want to get rid of him, but my kids are madly in love with him. And I really couldn’t get rid of him, but when he scares the daylights out of an innocent neighbor, it’s a little tempting. And we’ve done extensive training with him, use an e collar. The whole bit. (Had to. He bit a friend of ours when he was younger. Not a nip either, a bite. So we had to send him off for two weeks of extensive training and to suss out whether he had aggressive tendencies, which apparently he doesn’t.) We just couldn’t take any chances since we pretty much have kids over all the time. And I still have to be on guard and hyper aware when he’s around other people. I’m not convinced he’s all that bright, either. But he’s sweet and lovable and my 6 year old and he are so close.

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    • LOL. Doggies. Suprisingly few are aggressive. Mostly bites about about the dog feeling threatened or trying to play and not knowing their strength. And mine is not that well-behaved. She likes to bolt out the door. For the longest time, she’d bolt and we’d have to figure out how to get her in without chasing her, because if we chase her, she just thinks its a game. So we started luring her back into the house with treats by tossing a few at her, then tossing the last one into the house.

      Lately, she’s just running out and not even trying to run. Just hovering around the door until someone finds a slice of ham. Haha. It’s progress, anyway. At least now she’s just extorting us for yummies instead of running into the neighbor’s yard.


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