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Not a real post. More an organizational note. It’s not publicized or tagged. I’m just putting it here for safekeeping. I stumbled upon this in a post from Sourcerer from April, when I was struggling with the A to Z Challenge and spending most of my time supporting some local activism:

Thanks to friends Natacha, Ali, and CompGeeks for nominating me for Very Inspiring Blogger, Wonderful Team Member Readership, and Versatile Blogger  awards.

I posted it over there because this blog was occupied with A to Z and I didn’t want to disturb the content, but I did want to thank them. The nominations were specifically for this blog.

I’m leaning toward re-imagining this blog before I bring it back up to full speed. Thinking I might announce the reboot with a few awards posts. If I decide that’s the best way to go, these are the first three awards I’ll start with.


Happy Blogiversary to Me, to Me.

Six months ago today, I took my lunch and my laptop to Starbucks and launched Sourcerer. I’d kicked off this blog half an hour earlier. I didn’t trust the scheduled posting – I published every post manually that day, and spent a lot of time between posts watching my stats.

Our page views and visitors that day, on all three blogs, tripled my expectations and convinced me to keep going. I haven’t looked back since. I’m not linking to those first posts here — I’ll do that at Sourcerer later today. Here, today, I’m nominating bloggers for the I Am a Part of the WordPress Family Award.

The rules as I understand them are to nominate 10 bloggers, display this image on your blog, and link back to the person who nominated you. That’s my kind of award, so:


If you don’t do awards, no worries. Think of this as me encouraging people to read and comment on your blog, and just keep being yourself. I’ll continue to read whether you acknowledge the nomination or not. Just know that if you are on this list, I love your blog.

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Sunshine Award

I don’t know why it never occurred to me to reblog an award post as a way of saying thanks for a nomination before. Check this one out. You’ll learn some things about Peace, Love & Great Country Music, and if you enjoy finding new blogs as much as I do, take a minute to give the nominees a look. I’ve done pretty well with the to-do list I posted on Friday, especially considering the fact that I’ve been in political response mode all week. I’ve whittled the list down to getting a handle on some award posts. I’ve really let the nominations get away from me, so I’m going to try and work through them over the next week or so. I realized this week that I’ve officially had real conversations with so many bloggers, I can’t keep up with them all any more. Every day I look at my blogrolls or my community widget and realize I haven’t checked in on some blogs that I enjoy in over a week, so I hope that putting together a few award posts will also help me catch up on my reading and commenting. Have an awesome weekend (it can’t come soon enough for me).

Apple Pie and Napalm

Anita atNoted in Nashville gave me the Sunshine Award ages and ages ago. I noticed the stamp on the post when she gave the award and it coincides with the time when I started getting sick a year ago. Almost all of the drafts I started all revolve around the time when I knew I was getting sick. Over the next several posts, I will be finishing and posting those drafts.

Ten questions about myself:
1.)  Favorite color: blue
2.)  Favorite animal: anything that doesn’t bite me
3.)  Favorite number: 3
4.)  Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Mountain Dew
5.)  Prefer Facebook or Twitter: Twitter
6.)  My passion{s}: reading, photography
7.)  Prefer getting or giving presents: giving
8.) Favorite pattern: paisley
9.)  Favorite days of the week: Saturday
10.) Favorite flower: tulips and roses


  • 1.)  Include the award’s logo in a post or your blog.
  • 2.) …

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