Silent Sunday II



Sunday Photoblog


Taken just after a rain on a cloudy day.

© Gene’O, 2014. Free to use with credit and a link.

© Gene’O, 2014. Free to use with credit and a link.

Note the texture and the fine details. The edges of the leaf, the clarity of those raindrops. That’s what even, overcast light gets you. If you’ve been following my photoblogging for a bit, you’ve seen shots taken in late evening light and ones taken a little after midday already. This is the first of a batch I took on cloudy days, and it’s the last example I need to explain the basics of natural light photography for people who’d like to improve their photos.

I’m not sure yet when I’ll do that, or on which blog, or how many posts it will take, but it’s on my to-do list. In the meantime, the Sunday Photoblogging is evolving. Starting next week, I’m doing Silent Sundays here for awhile, because the Wordless Wednesday is such a big hit. Silent Sundays are not something I thought up. I learned about them the same way I learned about Wordless Wednesdays – by paying attention to That Montreal Girl. If you like my photos, you’ll love hers.

Two brief updates on the blog:

  • I’m trying out a new poetry feature here for the next few weeks. It will run on Tuesdays If people like it, I’ll make it a regular part of my blogging. This afternoon, I’m running a couple of Tolkien posts here and at Sourcerer that I need to publish somewhere because I need the links for reference purposes.
  • I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here, but I now have a parent page on the sidebar named “Collected Works” and a subpage named “Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.”  This page includes links to everything I’ve written about Tolkien so far. I created it so I’d have a link to use to catch people up when they discover that series for the first time. I’ll be adding several other pages over the summer, and most of them won’t be writing related. We do a lot of serial blogging and we like to have long-term projects going. I’ve decided to use this blog to archive all our series. I also plan to improve the resources page and use my April posts to start building a glossary of writing terms.

Have a marvelous week!


Sunday Photo Blog: Aphorism

This is the first of about 60 photos I took yesterday just for the blogs. Most are better than this one. I still haven’t run through all my flower photos, and the flowers are really just getting started for the year here. I think I’m far enough ahead now to start the Sunday photo feature back up here.


Image © Gene’O, 2014. Free to use with credit and a link.

This was an idea I had when I started this blog. I thought it was a good idea because it’s an easy way to do let people know I’m around, and bloggers really shouldn’t be posting their best written work on weekends. I didn’t have the time to build up enough original images to make it work in the beginning, but now I have done that. 🙂

Here’s a question. Diana has started doing a feature called “If We Were Having Coffee” at Part Time Monster. It’s not her original idea. It’s apparently a thing that bloggers do on Saturdays. I’m going to start doing it at some point. I could post it at Sourcerer, but I already have a Saturday feature over there (“Weekend Music” is moving to Saturdays to make room for “Follow Fridays on the Blog”), and I can always do a photo blog on Saturday afternoons. Is “If We Were Having Coffee” something you’d be interested in reading here?

Since this is my personal blog as well as my writing blog, it seems like a good fit. I’m still pondering, and probably won’t get it rolling for a couple of weeks, but I’d appreciate your opinion.