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When I first started my blogs, I had the idea of blogging here Monday-Friday, taking Saturdays off, and photoblogging on Sundays. That plan fell by the wayside as Sourcerer took off and I realized how much time it was going to take me to figure out how to use various social media networks effectively. So, here’s a photo I took mid-afternoon on Easter Sunday. The bloom was about the size of a quarter.

Image © Gene’O, 2014. Free to use with credit and a link.

Image © Gene’O, 2014. Free to use with credit and a link.

The next original piece you’ll see here will be a reflection on the April A to Z blogging challenge. I hope that will be early next week. I’d intended to do it already, but the last week has been very hectic and I need to update my A to Z page before I post the reflection. Fortunately I have the links, but there are 50 or 60 of them, so that’ll take a while. Not updating the page immediately after I did the visits each day during the last two weeks of the challenge was a mistake.

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Plans – Feb-May, 2014

This is my personal plan for spring. I’m changing the way I deal with these planning posts, and have a few remarks about that at the end. Here are my priorities:

1. Post, post, post. Post as many things from as many different contributors as we possibly can for the next two and a half months. That’s where our strength is. We’ve generated a mighty stream of content over the past three months. If we can keep it up, all the other priorities will fall right into place.

2. Deepen our network. That means nurturing the relationships we have, and forming more with people who share our interests. It means keeping up with bloggers who comment regularly on our threads and interact with us outside WordPress. This as a long term project. It’s more important to have 10 friends who will read and give you constructive criticism once a week than 1,000 who read everything you write and and never say a word. That is the whole difference between “deep” and “broad” networks.

3. Keep finding ways to use social media more effectively. Our “Blogs with Fan Pages” feed on Facebook is valuable. What we’re doing on Twitter and Stumbleupon is valuable. Diana’s Pinterest presence is also valuable. The trick is to keep making incremental progress with all of those, without letting any of it interfere with our posting.

4. Practical things: The Writing Catalog needs an overhaul in the worst way. I need more Twitter lists. I need to find more blogs with fan pages for the Facebook feed. The A to Z Challenge must be completed.

It will keep building, but slowly. We’ve exceeded my expectations in these first three months by quite a bit. If we can keep posting, I’ll have more free time as the year wears on, and my plan for the summer will be awesome.

Rather than create separate plans for each blog, and give every plan its own page, I’ll edit the titles of my original planning pages and add these posts to them as updates a few days after publication.

Just to be clear, these posts are for me. I don’t tell people what to do, or even ask people to do things very often. But, I am working very hard to encourage collaboration. The way I do that is to give people notice of my plans, and trust the friends who wish me well to help it along.

Surprise Post!

– I’ve decided to give this a go with The Writing Catalog. I’ll register in the next day or two as a Writing blog. The rules are already laid out, and they suggest short posts. I will use it to build something nice for the resources page I am planning. I’ll follow up soon with more info.


I’m just going to put this here, because you need to see it, and so does everyone else. The Monster will be participating in this event, and I hope others of you will join in.

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

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