I haven’t done one of these in awhile. I don’t do them during holidays, or when I am working on building other blogs. This is the best stuff the Part Time Monster collective has published over the past week or two.

Jeremy – Batman: The Making of a Modern Myth

Dawne – From Zombie to Writer

Garrett – Are Video Games Art?

Alva – Voluntary Spies

Diana and I have done some cool things, too, and don’t underestimate the time and effort I spent revamping Sourcerer.

Stick with us and we’ll bring you another week of blogging this good, just as soon as we are able.

Best Week Ever. (Digest)

We just had an awesome week at Part Time Monster. Here are six reason why we did so well:

1. The Hunger Games (and I want to revisit some of the stuff in this post with one of my own soon).

2. Zombies

3. Doctor Who

4. Annie-Blog (Sailor Moon)

5. Cat-Blog (a fine introduction)

That is five interesting pieces from four different authors, all in one week.

On my own blogs, I decided to build some trebuchets, had an unfortunate experience with Twitter, and talked about my own Constructed World.

Also,  The Professor is cool, in a punchy sort of way.

Part Time Monster Weekly Digest – 11/22/13

We spent most of the week trying to drum up support for a Thunderclap to try and get Sam’s fundraising campaign for Rolling with Kings a bump. This post contains links to everything we’ve written about the Thunderclap since it was approved, including instructions to walk you through supporting it in three minutes or less.

Diana kicked off the Whoseries this week with a very nice introduction, and it couldn’t have come at a better time since the 50th anniversary episode will be airing in about 8 hours. She also reviewed Gone Girl.

I concluded my series “Strategic Blogging,” and the full series is available in a category at Part Time Monster. I also published a poem and an update on our project to build a multi-network blog array.