Better Blogging

These are occasional posts by Gene’O that turned into the Sunday feature, “On Blog Traffic and Engagement,” at Sourcerer. We’re figuring out social media as we go, sharing what works, and inviting people to share what’s working for them with us.

The feature runs on Sundays because it gets the same number of reads whether it runs on Sunday or on a weekday, so it extends Sourcerer’s week without taking up space during prime posting times. We discovered this by accident, but apparently, weekends are a good time to talk with bloggers about the technical aspects of blogging.


The Social Media Puzzle: Blog Traffic and Engagement. Published at Part Time Monster in March. A reflective analysis of the differences in traffic patterns and engagement at PTM and Sourcerer.

Social Saturday, Whatever that Means. Explains how we use different social media networks, and why we made the decision to concentrate on WordPress and Twitter for the summer.

Blog Traffic and Engagement: Another Piece of the Puzzle. Talks about the history of PTM and Sourcerer, and includes a list of tips for bloggers who are consciously trying to build an audience.



Efficient Blogging: The Power of Features. Explains why features which are relatively quick to put together and can be planned in advance are important if you’re trying to blog every day.

OBT&E: How I do Engagement.Discusses how Gene’O conducts himself in the blogosphere, how he reads a blog when he encounters it for the first time, and how he decides which blogs to comment on.

OBT&E: Efficiency and Time Management. Explains a system Gene’O’s developing to keep close tabs on 50 blogs per week without spending too much time doing it, and discusses a list of problems we knew we had to solve when we started these blogs.

The Power of Search Engines. Discusses progress we made in May and June, 2014, on learning to write posts effectively for searches.

Twitter for Bloggers. A page at Sourcerer designed to help bloggers get started on Twitter. The page is titled “Twitter for Beginners” for search purposes, but the true title of the series is “Twitter for Bloggers.”

Audience Photo: UK National Archives, via Wikimedia Commons

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