Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I Come Up for Air

If we were having coffee, I’d be late because I overslept.

I’d tell you the last few weeks have been the most hectic I can remember, both online and off, but I think things are finally settling down for me. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath since the end of March and I’ve finally broken the surface. Now I’m gasping for breath, lol.

1000Voices_OfficialThere is so much going on I can’t keep up with it and Diana has a list as long as mine. In fact, I missed a Blog Blitz yesterday, which almost never happens. And there is a fabulous blog party going on right now that I wanted to show up early for, but haven’t had time to look in on yet.

1000 Voices Speaking for Compassion publishes next week, and the theme for this month is “connection.” I’m wanting to write for this one, but I’m not sure at this point if I’ll have time to get it done. Whether I get a post done or not, I’m hosting the linkup, and I am also doing some tweeting for @1000Speak this weekend.

I’ve also joined the A to Z Challenge Road Trip. I’m planning to get started on that this weekend or early next week. My plan at the moment is to visit all the co-hosts first, then start at the bottom of the list and work my way to the top. I’ll load the best finds into @justgeneo‘s twitter queue as I go, and once I get my Twitter accounts set up properly, I may use the Facebook page to share roadtrip links as well.

Post A-to-Z Road Trip [2013] (1)

Diana and I had a long conversation last night for what seemed like the first time in ages. Blogging is a thing we do together. It works better and it’s more fun when we’re able to keep tabs on one another, and since mid-March, we’ve been too busy to do that. Diana’s got a new job, I’m preparing to move, and we both have tons of family stuff going on.

We’ve each just had to do our own thing and keep it running. Our various threads are so busy at this point, there have been days when it was all either of us could do to answer comments and keep writing. That’s not a bad problem for bloggers who value engagement the way we do to have, but it’s good to be back in touch.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

And I’d tell you we kicked off a summer blogging project at Comparative Geeks this week. Diana and I are writing about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series over there on Thursdays for most of the summer, and there’s an easy way for you to join the fun with your own blog. We’ve had this one in the works since late February, and I am very happy to finally have it rolling.

Then I’d ask you what you’ve been up to 🙂

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In Which I Have a Lightbulb Moment and Understand How to Sort My Social Media

First things first. Blog party next weekend, and thanks to Suzie for the early invite. The blogger hosting the party is doing it to roll out a rebrand of his music blog. You can find him on Twitter at @SteveSays2014 and cast a vote to help him pick his new brand here.

This has nothing to do with Steve's blog. I am just hoisting the flag today, is all!

This has nothing to do with Steve’s blog. I am just hoisting the flag today, is all!

I’ve updated the About Page. The writing theme is completely gone because I ran out of useful writing advice months ago. If you enjoy writing blogs and are looking for help there, try Write On! Sisters. They are far better at it than me. The about page revision is a transitional thing to get us through to fall. I plan to shut down the social media for a weekend in October and revamp the pages and categories here. For now, what I have must suffice.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog, its Facebook page, and the @justgeneo Twitter account for awhile. The only thing I can do here consistently is the #WeekendCoffeeShare post and link to social blogging opportunities like Steve’s blog party when I can find them, because Sourcerer keeps me busy.

The coffee posts don’t work for Sourcerer. They also don’t work as guest posts, because they are too personal. And I need this blog to build link archives for projects that span multiple blogs. I need it to host the #1000Speak linkup, to publish feminist posts, to display my Blog Blitz badge and my personal gravatar.

The Facebook page and the Twitter account have been sleeping for months now. I’ve thought about shutting them down. Decided this weekend to not. Here’s what I am doing instead. This will take a while to get rolling, but I can set the thing up and manage it.

I’m doing the A to Z Challenge Road Trip. That’s an activity where you keep visiting the A to Z list and meeting new bloggers after the challenge itself is over. Details to come at the A to Z blog May 13.

  • Since I am doing nothing right now with the Facebook page, nor the Twitter account.
  • Since I can use Buffer to schedule 100 updates at a time for each.
  • Since 4 complete A to Z Challenges gives me 104 links to work with, and since I have WAY MORE than four friends who have collected all of this year’s posts in single posts or on pages  . . .

. . . I’m in the process of collecting A to Z index posts, which I will then use to set up a low-frequency posting schedule for the page and the Twitter account. Three shares a day is a sight better than none. 100 queued posts at a rate of three a day covers the page and the Twitter account for 33.333 days.

The latest participant badge. Not on my sidebar, because I did not do A to Z here this year. Did it another way.

The latest participant badge. Not on my sidebar, because I did not do A to Z here this year. Did it another way.

My plan is to load the queues to full. Let them run down for a few days, then start adding the road trip discoveries into the mix once that gets rolling. Eventually, I’m running through two proven A to Z Challenges per day in order at the same time each day, and in the middle, there is a new find. I answer the notifications as I am able. Enough to demonstrate that I am not a bot and enjoy meeting new people.

Clever, non?

There is also a Facebook collaboration/support group just for bloggers run by me coming at some point. I’m not far enough along to set it up yet. But I’ve been studying Facebook groups for a while now. I know what I want, and what my friends like in a Facebook group. We’ll get there.

This is quite enough for one day.

#SundayBlogShare will be busy and wild today, if I have anything to say about it!

#SundayBlogShare will be busy and wild today, if I have anything to say about it!

So, That Was Fun!


The A to Z Challenge mayhem is over and I managed to place my reflection 19th on the linky list. Good job, Gene’O! I am up early, did not write a real coffee post last week, and am in the mood to write something in a hurry and publish it. So here goes!

Next on the Blogs:

We’re starting a new monthly feature at Sourcerer called Sourcerer’s Eleven. These are 11-question author/blogger interviews to run the first Monday of every month. It’s a fiendishly clever scheme. The way it works is the person interviewed conducts the next one. First Victim: Luther M. Siler, who contributes to Sourcerer and just released Sanctum of the Sphere, part II of The Benevolence Archives.Sourcerer

Part Time Monster is developing a new feature called Monster Monday. Will be good. Details in the last #WeekendCoffeeShare post if you missed it. Also good: The #LazyLambs Book Club.

Diana’s about to start the next run of Penny Dreadful posts at Sourcerer. If you follow that show, you don’t want to miss them. Last year’s Penny Dreadful reviews were some of our most popular posts of the year. Here’s our Penny Dreadful category archive.

As you may have heard, our friends over at Comparative Geeks are expecting their first child soon. They went out for guest posts to help keep CG running through May and June, and a LOT of good bloggers stepped up, including several Sourcerer contributors. Diana and I are doing a substantial number of posts on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman for them. These will include at least six Thursday Thirteens — three from each of us — plus a few more substantial posts.

There’s so much more I could mention. I have a lot of friends who are starting up collaborative projects in the next month or so, and of course we’ll have a summer run of Feminist Fridays. Stay tuned, and I’ll do my best to keep you apprised of developments. This blog is evolving into a sort of news outlet for my little corner of the blogosphere.

The State of the Network

arrrr, mateys!

arrrr, mateys!

April’s been an absolutely crazy month, but the Facebook operation is proceeding apace. I haven’t had much Twitter time lately. I don’t think we’ve lost much ground there, but I’ve got to trust the system I’ve set up to get what we can from Facebook and get myself back to Twitter soon.

I’ve got an app called Buffer now that allows me to schedule 100 Facebook updates for both my page AND my timeline, schedule 100 tweets each for multiple Twitter accounts, 100 Google Plus shares, and 100 Pinterest pins. I can have a different schedule for every day and a different schedule for each social media account. I can edit things that are scheduled before they run and change the queue order easily. It has its own link-shortening system, so I get analytics.

I can follow 15 RSS feeds and share them directly from my Buffer dashboard. And it archives everything, so I can take something I tweeted two weeks ago and tweet it again without a lot of work. It’s fabulous and I plan to leverage it to the hilt just as soon as I have a day to set it up properly.

Here’s where I am with the various networks, and my goals through the end of the quarter.

Blogs — Coffee posts and occasional announcements here. That’s all this blog is good for, and frankly, all I have time to do with it. Sourcerer is all pop culture, all the time and we’re in good shape, content-wise. We may take Sundays off for a while over there, but otherwise, it’s business as usual.

Facebook — The Just Gene’O page is so dead it’s pointless. I’ve connected this blog back to Sourcerer’s page and Twitter account. No more than I post here, and given that Part Time Monster is also publicizing to Sourcerer’s page, that makes the most sense for now.

I’m scheduling three public status updates per day on my personal timeline. These are typically a Sourcerer link in the morning, a link for a friend at noon, and a Part Time Monster link in the afternoon. I’m still tweaking the schedule. I spend most of my Facebook time in groups, and I am planning a somewhat-open blogging collaboration group to go live on Facebook later this year.

Twitter — Along with the publicized links, I’m scheduling three afternoon Tweets per day when I can manage it. Soon, I will mix in some just-for-fun tweets so I’m not just sharing links all the time. I just need to find time to compose them and get them into the queue.1000speakLizzi

I am coming back to Twitter. I’ve missed the #SundayBlogShares during the last two weeks of April and just in general, that’s where I prefer to interact when I’m not chatting on blog threads. I want a larger following, and I want @1000Speak to have a larger following as well. That means I have to build them.

At this point, no other networks really matter, but I am looking at StumbleUpon and Piinterest. I have accounts on both of those networks, but I’ve not had time to get properly set up on either yet. StumbleUpon is my next priority.

On all these networks, I publish during the day at what I think are the best times to post. Then I answer notifications in the evenings, and occasionally from my phone on work breaks during the day. This is not an optimal way of doing things, but it’s what I can do, and it’s working well enough.

Happy Monday, and don’t work too hard!