Fear of Writing?

Boy with Hat asks a good question: “Are you afraid to write too, at least sometimes?”

My answer is no, but, I did go through a phase where I was. It took me years to get through that phase.

At some point I realized that the worst things that could happen were me producing something that is either completely incomprehensible or too offensive to show anyone, ever. Once I figured out that the delete key (or for the good stuff, the file that is only to be opened after I am dead) could alleviate those problems, the fear left me.

What keeps me from writing now is not having enough information or a clear enough plan (for nonfiction); and the feeling you get when you know you’re about to have to spend a whole lot of time for one all-too-brief moment of satisfaction (for fiction).

I do sometimes experience fear when I am handing something over to an audience, though. When that happens, I just act cool and wait to see how they respond.

I love posts like the one linked above. Writing is so intensely personal and private, I am always interested in how others develop coping mechanisms to overcome the many problems that go along with figuring out how to write well.