If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Back to School Edition)

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m having social media withdrawal, but I had a stellar week offline. I have this job I’ve been struggling to get a handle on since October — almost from the moment Diana, Jeremy, and I threw in together and started the blogs. I got a handle on it this week. I shone, and I put myself in a position to keep shining.

The price of that was neglecting my online life since Tuesday, and it’s looking like I have another week of the same. The price is totally worth it, but I am a little concerned that a lot of the people who have been following me for most of a year will think I am withdrawing. I am not withdrawing, I’m just busy helping people get through school.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I had a birthday this week, and it’s one of those lackluster numbers that doesn’t mean much. Not like turning 30, or 23, or 50. I survived another year, and my family gave me a whole new wardrobe with work in mind,because I really don’t spend money on myself these days. It was a sweet, happy day.

I’d tell you I am not doing the linkup thing this week, but you are welcome to drop a link to your coffee post on this thread.

I’d tell you I don’t know where these blogs are going, and even though my social media strategy is pretty good, it requires time and attention I don’t have at the moment. I really need an administrative assistant or a surrogate to maintain my presence at this point. And that’s all I’d say.

Except to ask you what you’ve been up to lately.