Banned Book Week Afterparty

Here’s that Pinterest board I promised you yesterday, and thanks to Hannah for hosting the Banned Book Week Blog Party at Things Matter. I hate I missed the early part of the week, but at least I made it 🙂 Eclectic Alli, who wrote and reblogged a ton of BBW-related posts, also has a banned books Pinterest board. Alli was pinning as she went all week, and her board is twice the size of mine, so you’ll find lots of stuff there that I missed in my frantic bloghopping yesterday.

If you’ve got a Pinterest Board, or you’ve cataloged BBW links in some other way, feel free to share them on the thread, or to discuss the Banned Book Week 2014 experience, share links to your favorite posts, etc.

It’s very early and I have most of the day to set up some blogs. I’m thinking of doing “Photo Week” here beginning tomorrow. If I do, I’ll have a photo a day tomorrow through Friday. Most will be “wordless” features. If you see a Muted Monday here tomorrow morning, you’ll know it’s on. If not, I’ll have an announcement.

Happy Sunday, and read banned books!

Banned Books Week Social Saturday


I’ve mentioned once or twice that Hannah hosted a week-long Banned Book Week Blog Party at Things Matter.

Rather than try and squeeze in one more banned book post of my own, I’m spending the next few hours visiting the blogs that have been featured at Things Matter this week, tweeting links to their posts from @Sourcererblog, and building a Pinterest board while I’m at it. That seems a better use of the time than writing and publishing a single post. I’m including Winter Bayne’s BBW posts, with thanks to Taylor Grace for sharing them 🙂

If you didn’t participate in Hannah’s blog party, but you DID write a banned books post, you can have your post included by dropping a link on this thread no later than 7 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time today. That gives you about 5 hours.

I’ll have this thing rolling in about 15 minutes.

If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Banned Book Week Edition)

. . .  I’d tell you I’m optimistic that I’m on my way back to blogging more regularly. We’ve got the Feminist Friday gender inequality discussions back under way, and I was even able to squeeze in a post for Banned Book Week at Sourcerer on Thursday. Speaking of which, my friend Hannah, who runs the blog Things Matter, pulled together a well-attended blog party this week. You should check out her Banned Book Week post and take a look at some of the posts she’s reblogged. It’s quite an impressive compendium.

. . . I’d tell you I believe my workload has leveled off and should stay that way for about six weeks. I am hoping to get a good run of blogging in before things pick back up again. And I’m going on (a much needed) vacation the week of Halloween. Leaving the Wednesday before and not coming back until the Tuesday after, so I’m trying to figure out what to do with the blogs that week. Probably a lot of scheduled music and photo features, is what I’m thinking.

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