Weekend Coffee Share: A to Z Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s been a crazy, hectic couple of weeks. Lots of family stuff going on. We’re gearing up to relocate and haven’t moved in almost ten years, so the packing and sorting is going to be quite the chore. And of course, this weekend is Easter and while you are reading this, I will be at the Little Jedi’s birthday party.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

It’s also been a long, long work week. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or the anticipation of Good Friday, but it’s been one of those weeks that just seemed to go on and on. It was a productive one, though.

I’d tell you I am finally done with everything I have to do for Sourcerer to be set for the entire month of April aside from scheduling a few contributor posts that will come in as I need them. Setting up an A to Z Challenge with 11 contributors has been quite the task, but worth it. I have a better idea now than I ever have about how to organize such an undertaking, and I think the next project of this magnitude (always another one for me) will be easier to manage.

Since we’re talking about Blogging A to Z, I’ll tell you I discovered a blogger who is doing a Tolkien-themed challenge on Day 1, and I’m calling it my new find of the week. And I’ll tell you how I am going about doing the visits for the challenge, in case any of you want to follow along.

  • I started on Wednesday with the blog right after me on the list (I’m #92).
  • I’m visiting in order on Mondays-Saturdays, not paying attention to the codes, and visiting friends who appear after me on the list as well as new blogs.
  • I’m visiting as many as I can each day, and leaving comments on at least five.
  • On Sundays, rather than continue through the list, I’m visiting from either the bottom or from the top. I’m starting at the bottom this week and will start at the top next week.
  • I’m also trying to visit as many of Sourcerer’s commenters as possible this month.

In addition, I am scanning the A to Z Challenge and April A to Z tags on WordPress and liking almost everything. That first one seems the busiest.

Featured Image -- 3218I’m sharing as many good ones as Twitter and Facebook as time pemits, and retweeting generously from #AtoZChallenge and #GeekPastiche, which some of Sourcerer’s contributors and a few other bloggers are using to share geeky and nerdy A to Z links this month.

That’s a lot of visiting and sharing, of course. Having the ability to do all that for most of April and to write for May is why I worked so hard to get as much of the A to Z set up ahead of time as possible, and why I decided on reveal day to withdraw this blog from the challenge.

Then I’d grab a second cup of coffee and ask you how your week has been.

Weekend Coffee Share . . . #1000Speak, Again!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you #1000Speak is far exceeding my expectations. As I write this post, the linky list alone includes more than 500 posts, and the link-up is still live for a few more hours. If you’ve written and published a compassion post, I encourage you to add it to the linky list.1000speakLizzi

I would tell you I am grateful to everyone who’s written about this and shared the work of other #1000Speak bloggers, especially you #WeekendCoffeeShare friends. Your initial response to this project was gratifying, and your consistent support for it over the last few weeks has been truly amazing.

The first posts and the linky list went live early Thursday morning, my time. By the time I was able to check in on Thursday night, more than 100 people had added posts to the list. And the hashtag was so deep my mobile app would only load about six hours’ worth of tweets. Even though it’s mostly the strength of the idea and the work of others that made this a success, I did have part in it – especially in the early going – and I am feeling a bit like an Internet graffiti artist today.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

Then I would give you some pointers about how to keep spreading the compassion, in the form of telling you what I am doing this weekend, and hoping some of you join in.

1.Twitter will heat up starting around 10 or 11 GMT and stay hot for about 10-12 hours on Saturday, with periodic lulls. Then again on Sunday.

2. I hit the linky list. I read blogs. While I am  visiting a blog, I comment if I feel like it and use the sharing buttons to Tweet links to hashtags, pin good images, Stumble the best posts, etc. While I am doing this, I have ‪#‎1000Speak‬ loaded up on my phone or in a separate tab. I pause every 20 minutes or so and retweet 3 or 4 links.

3. Stuff I wrote about this three weeks ago gets shared to ‪#‎ArchiveDay‬ on Saturday, and I will retweet some things from that hashtag and read some Archive Day posts.

4. On Sunday, I am sharing #1000Speak posts with ‪#‎SundayBlogShare‬ while I do my normal thing there.Featured Image -- 3218

5. On Monday, I will share at least one #1000Speak post with ‪#‎MondayBlogs‬ and retweet from that hashtag. I am also coming back to Facebook on Monday morning with my favorite links from the weekend to share in groups and on my timeline.

The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to stop spreading the compassion when the linky closes. The great thing about linkies is they are permanent. You can revisit them at your leisure as long as they aren’t taken down. So stay with it as long as you like. The more this stuff is shared, the further it spreads and the more persistent it is on the Internet.

If you’ve published a post and not added it to the linky list, I advise you to do. That is the best way some of us have of finding you. Add your compassion post to the linky list below.

Weekend Coffee Share, MidWinter Edition

If we were having coffee, I would have two, and you would not be able to get away from me until I finished the second one.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

I would tell you the weather has been abysmal this week. Short-sleeve weather one day, Air-Force-arctic-rescue-jacket weather the next. And every day a gray one with 85 percent relative humidity. The days that threaten rain and no rain happens are the worst. Because you walk around in a topcoat that is too warm and carry the stupid umbrella all day long for no reason. There is a #FirstWorldProblem for you.

I would tell you I need a certain amount of sunlight on my face to function properly and I have not been getting it because there has been no sun for a week or two in this god-forsaken corner of the world that supposedly has enough annual sunny days to qualify as a golfing destination. And I would confide that as difficult and exasperating as December and the holidays are, this stretch from late January to mid-February is consistently worse.

This is the low point of the year. It’s my Kryptonite. That actually makes a certain amount of geeky sense if you understand the logic of Superman, even though I ain’t Superman.

Somehow, I ended the week on top of the job and better off on the social media than I was the week before. And family stuff happened. We had a bout of sickness that resulted in a late-night trip to the ER, but we mostly handled it.

Everyone is better now, and that is not the big news of the week. The big news is that the grandson got his first glasses. He picked out the frames all by himself. He loves them, and he is so cute. Also, says he can see better.

He refused to have round ones because “doze are 4 science newds.” Then of course we had to have a long conversation about how we are all nerds about something, but really, the old grandpaw is more of a geek. It was cool. Much socialization, with a kid who has been doing free comic book day since he was three.

I’m trying not to think about him going to school with the new glasses next week. I remember my first day at school with glasses. Holding my breath until he gets home on Monday and tells us how it went.

He was also referred to by a professional educator this week as “a deep thinker, capable of understanding concepts most of his peers are not even aware of yet.” So apparently, I am doing at least some of my job. And before either the glasses or the crazy-good assessment of his cognitive development happened, way earlier in the week, I came home to find he’d learned this without any help from the grownups at all.

live_long_prosper_2015Apparently, he picked it right out of the media and decided it was cool enough to share. I gave it right back to him, of course. He tried to high-five me with it and then we talked about how Vulcans doing high-fives is almost as silly as Elves doing them. How the way to respond when someone returns your Vulcan salute is to say “Live Long And Prosper.”

That launched an entire conversation about prosperity which would require a whole other post to unpack, because there were Monopoloy analogies, this is a six-year-old I am talking about, and it took all the restraint I could muster to not sing L’Internationale to him by the time we were done. This child won the first game of Monopoly he ever played and then cried when he realized he’d bankrupted everyone else.

He often perches on the arm of my chair and questions me incessantly about the blogging, by the way. He is offended that I do not share more photos of him on the Internet so everyone can see how awesome he is. I try to explain about how I am casting a very wide social media net and we can’t afford for me to put his face on the Internet very often. He doesn’t care. “Put me on da’  website,” is the response I get when I take that line.

He’ll be blogging before we know it.

Note: This happened to late to go in the post proper, but the 1,000 Voices for Compassion Facebook group reached 1,000 members overnight. There’s also a WordPress blog associated with that project now.