Feminist Fridays, Anyone?

NedGiven the way things are trending, I am inclined to kick these off on January 30. Sourcerer should be running smoothly by then, and this start date gives everyone time to recover from the holidays, etc. I will write the first post. I’m brainstorming it now, and it will be in the queue at the Monster at least a week in advance.

I need to know (at minimum) where the discussions for Feb. 6 and 13 are going to be, and I need that info no later than Saturday, January 17. If you hosted this year, you’d like to host on either of those dates, and you’re sure you are able to do it, I’ll pencil you in the minute you tell me we’re a go.

The last post for the first round needs to be March 13 at the latest. A lot of us are doing the A to Z challenge and need that time to gear up. We can start a second round in May once A to Z reflections are finished and everyone who’s in school is done with finals.

We have seven Fridays to work with for the first round. I can go either way on a break in the middle. I’m also fine doing a six-week run and letting March 6 be the last post for spring.

Given the interest I’ve received from this years’ hosts and the size of this group, I am not inclined to bring in any new bloggers for this first round unless we just have to.

What I need, more than anything, is to know where the next two posts are running before I start promoting the first one. That way I can promote all three from the get-go. If we can keep lining them up at least two weeks ahead of time, I’ll never have to wonder on Monday where the next Friday post is coming from. And it will be easier for everyone to join in, because you’ll know where the Friday post is being published well in advance.

So, what do you say? Who’s in for February, and how soon can you pin down a date to run a post?

We Persist: Feminist Friday Regrouping Thread.

These posts  are always better with music. Not sure why I picked Sinead O’Connor with Roger Waters and several members of The Band for this one, but I hope you enjoy it.

If we’re going to do another round of Feminist Fridays, we need to do it soon, or else we’re going to have to start over from zero. I can’t get it going again this week, so I’m shooting for Sept. 12 to kick off the next round. I’ll do a recap and set up the next iteration at Part Time Monster, and then the following week, Sept. 19, we’ll start the posting and see how many we can do before the fatigue sets in and we need another break. Here’s what I need from you this week, and really, any day will be fine. I’m not posting again here until Saturday or Sunday.

  • If you have a post ready to go, let me know on the thread and give me some clue as to what the topic is.
  • If you want to write a post, or have one in process, tell me when you will be ready to publish it.

That’s all. These discussions work best when I start promoting them on Monday, and of course that requires me to have the info I need to do that way earlier than the post is actually going to run. If you want these continue, I’ll make it happen. I need to hear from you by Saturday if I’m going to commit the blogging and social media time to this project through the fall, though. If I get crickets this week, I’m assuming it’s run its course for now and thinking about how to get it going again in January.

Note to Collaborators

I’m adding two bloggers to the blogroll who should already be there.

Old School Harlequin runs a strange site – and I mean that as a compliment. Just take a look at his about page. There’s something about the sort of art OSH is producing that appeals to me on  a primal level. He’s also a bit of a struggling writer like the rest of us, we tweet a bit, and he reads my work regularly. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Here’s his homepage.

I had a conversation with Trent of Trent’s World today that went so well, I decided to add him to the blogroll too. Trent’s been reading and liking for awhile – I recognize his gravatar when I see it. Today I decided I might want to get to know Trent, and you know what? I was right.  He told me he’s found good blogs to follow by reading me. He does creative work in more than one medium, and he has a category for writing resources. Here’s his about page.

I’m going to see what the Campaign for Southern Equality has to say tomorrow. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I’ve communicated directly with them. I let them know I’m bringing the old notepad and camera, and that I’m interested in having  a conversation with them about what I can do to help. So I’ll be out of touch for most of the day tomorrow, but I may have a post about it at Sourcerer next week. We’ll see.

In other news, our discussion of feminism and activism at Sourcerer is the most commented-on thread ever there, I added several awesome bloggers to the blogroll over there today, and I smacked a troll.

As for my mood, this one doesn’t tell its story in words, but it does tell a story: