Editing resources: Nathan Bransford

Taylor Grace

I’m deep inside the World of Editing. I’m reading, re-reading and hacking away at Amy’s Courage. It’s not easy. Like most writers, I hate editing. But it’s a necessity. It must be done.

What helps me is to break it down in to little pieces that are manageable and to believe I can do it. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. I don’t have to get it perfect right now, I just want progress.

It also helps if I have resources. And one of the best I’ve seen is Nathan Bransford. The guy is genius. He’s actually written a book on how to write a novel.

Here are some examples of Nathan’s amazing resources for editing:

http://blog.nathanbransford.com/2009/06/revision-checklist.html This is a revision check list to beat all checklists. If you can get through it, your novel will shine brighter than the sun. Awesome resource.

Do you have enough…

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A question for my fiction writing friends

I have a project that just isn’t going well. I think I have figured out why, and I feel stupid for not realizing this already. It was reading blogs about writing that made me realize it, and truly, I feel dumb.

I have a long, complex story I am working on. 5 main characters who have a history but are spread out over a geographical region the size of Texas on the eve of a catastrophic war. Things develop from there.

Here is what I just realized. Even though I have them all fleshed out, understand how they live and what makes them tick and where their loyalties lie I forgot one thing.

No personal antagonist(s) to depict on the page as a real character. (I know, I know. Dumb.) There are organizations with conflicting interests involved, but organizations are not proper antagonists in the way I am talking about.

So, the question. How do you develop antagonists and conflict in general. Are there any tips or resources from successful writers that you like?

I can’t decide whether to make some of the characters I already have antagonists somehow, or make a new one up out of whole cloth. Just not sure. Conflict has to start in the first chapter, though. It has to be real and personal conflict. That is why it refuses to flow. Not enough conflict.

Anything at all would be helpful and appreciated.