The Best of All Possible Worlds

This is the optimal outcome of the U.S. Presidential campaign at this point.

  1. Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.
  2. He goes down in flames in the general election, losing with less than 15 percent of the vote.
  3. In his concession speech, he explains he’s been a double agent all along, and he just said all that stuff to expose the fatuousity and corruption of our political system.
  4. He produces documents to prove his case and we see it is absolutely true and also some journalists helped him and he goes back to real estate having gained the status of legendary grandpaw to the new and better U.S.

Sadly, this will not happen. That is not what is going on. He’s said things that can’t be taken back. He’s picked a side and even if it turns out he’s on the other side in his heart, it’s too late. He’s irredeemable.

I’ll be fairly pissed if y’all pick this one post, which doesn’t even have images (but DOES have a music video), and send it viral. I have no doubt that if you all wanted to, you could make a blog post or a Facebook post or even a tweet of mine go viral. I have faith in you. But please, not this one.

Trump is no double agent.

Here’s what’s happening instead.

This guy thinks just because he has a good relationship with the reality TV audience, all he has to do is toss his hat into the ring, and the electorate will willingly place the living, beating heart of our republic in his hands to do with it what he will.

I call bullshit.

Donald J. Trump is a preening, entitled douche canoe. He represents the worst parts of all of us. He believes he can mock our culture and make us like it.

Just because the Republican party sold its soul to the Devil 40 years ago doesn’t mean the United States of America has to sell its soul to Donald Trump in the here-and-now.

Now get out there on your social media and point out just how ridiculous this whole thing is in your own way.

And get your asses to the polls.

I’m done for now.

That felt so very good.