The Writer in the Attic is Boring: Why Volcanoes, Falling in Love and Puppies Are Valid Career Investments

Here’s a post worth reading. I have a slightly different take on the whole experience thing, but even so, this is a home run.

Ciara Darren


Aaron CrossYou are the writer that you’ve created yourself to be. You’ve probably heard of the ‘nature versus nurture’ argument. There’s not much most of us can do about the nature part, unlike Aaron Cross in Bourne Legacy. We’re not going to get an upgrade on the original hardware.

But there’s a lot we can do with the software, with the apps and data we enter into our brains going forward.

If there’s a kind of story you want to be telling, then you need to be living the life that’s going to make you into the story teller that can tell that story.

Lopping a treeOne of my favorite authors as a teenager was Louis L’Amour. He wrote primarily westerns, the kind of books that came in paper backs and were thin, fast reads. I don’t know how many of those stories I read. His worlds were real, his characters vivid…

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