Feminist Friday: Girl Talk

Here we go.

Stop by the Monster and join the discussion!

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The Great and Powerful A to Z Theme Reveal is March 23!


The Great and Powerful Theme Reveal A to Z Blogfest will be March 23. This is a linkup of epic proportions. The signup list is open, and it pains me to say, it has been open for a week and I have not mentioned it on the blogs. But at least I have a good excuse.

Projects, projects everywhere is my excuse. There are Blog Blitzes going on and the Feminist Friday crew is working on a secret project which we hope to announce soon.  Then there’s #1000Speak, which has turned into a Facebook group with almost 1500 members in a little over a month and had the linkup to end all linkups over the weekend.

I have also guest-hosted both #SundayBlogShare and #WeekendCoffeeShare this month and spent two other weekends working Twitter hard to get my bloggy friends seen. I have been busy. All this is why I have not been on Facebook and Twitter as much as usual lately and have been a bit more lax than normal about answering my threads.

I’m clearing projects left and right to make way for some A to Z fun. I want to join in an A to Z Twitter chat or two, which you can do on Thursdays at 1 pm or 8 pm ET using the hashtags #AtoZChallenge and #AZChat. And to visit more of the co-hosts before we get too deep into March.

Anyway, you want to sign up for the theme reveal and have a post for March 23. And check out some those other opportunities to meet bloggers I linked to. The Feminist Friday discussion is at Things Matter this week, and I will have a proper announcement tomorrow or Wednesday.

Join Us for a #FeministFriday Discussion at Victim to Charm!

For the next little while, you will get a mid-week post here with three links. The first two will be the next two Feminist Friday hosts. The third will be a link to a non-hosting blog that has something to say about feminist stuff. Usually, these will run on Tuesdays. This one is just late.

So, on Friday, we will be having a Feminist discussion at Victim to Charm. (@VictimToCharm)

The week after, we will do it again at The Lobster Dance. (@odorunara)

If you want something right this minute that mentions feminism and also passes the “smart-and-funny” test, give Humyn a look.We had nice conversation over the weekend.