A Follow Friday for My Friend Hannah

I intended to post an info dump with a bunch of links to blogs and other articles on the Ferguson, Missouri situation today, but I had a chaotic morning and didn’t get it together. So I’m just going to do something nice for another blogger right this second, and I’ll get that post together as soon as I am able.

Hannah Givens of Things Matter just joined us on Twitter after a long absence over there, so I am giving her my one and only Follow Friday today. You can find her @HannahEGivens. I’m hoping that by only sending the one, and including the link to her blog, I can find Hannah a reader or two and a few blogger-friendly Tweeps. Here’s the Follow Friday tweet for your convenience. This is the corrected version, because the first one I sent was riddled with typos.

I discovered Hannah’s blog not long after I started here. I left her a few comments, we hit it off, and we’ve since become friends. She’s collaborated with Therefore I Geek on an editorial recently, and had an awesome guest blog at Comparative Geeks earlier this week.

Hannah’s friendly, she’s funny, and she comes up with some awesome ideas and posts. If you are looking to meet bloggers who are just plain cool and make an effort to answer comments when you leave them, you should check out Things Matter.

#FollowFriday Tweets for #SundayBlogshare Here.

I’m posting these here to make them easy to find. If you tweet, you are welcome to come and play. If not, have a superb Friday, and look for my weekeend coffee post here tomorrow 🙂


Note – #FollowFriday – #FF – #Collaborators – #Music – #FeministFriday @Parttimemonster

Everything’s a go for a discussion of feminism and activism to kick off at Sourcerer at 9 a.m. Central time tomorrow.

Since I don’t have time to really work Follow Friday tomorrow, I’m trying something different this week.

Instead of tagging 30 people in five or six tweets, I’m going to send a few tweets that just tag one or two people each, and say nice things about them. I’m curious to know whether or not Follow Friday tweets with only one or two names are more effective than ones with five.

Some will be people I’ve never given Follow Fridays too, and some will be people I’ve met in the last few days.