Ideas. Where do they come from?

– Had to reblog this, because the plot bunnies “twitching their little bunny noses and laughing at us” is just too good not to share. Offered as an example of good long-form blogging. It’s personal, it addresses a topic I’m interested in, and it amused me.

From a blank page to happily ever after

It’s that question, isn’t it? If you tell someone you’re a writer, particularly if you’re a good writer, you get asked where you get your ideas from. (I’ve been to talks given by several good writers, and it happened). The usual answer, as far as I can tell, is “from where you least expect them”, or some sort of muttering that seems to mean a lot but actually means “I don’t know”. Because that’s the thing, ideas come from the strangest of places.

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Yes. Do this.


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This is so good I have to share it.


I discovered this poem in my reader earlier today, and it grabbed me. The excerpt below is the first stanza; you can read the whole thing at Scholars and Rogues. “On High Places Lit By Stars,” by Kathryn Errickson. (Image: Pleiades by Phil Hart.)

This is where I do my best
thinking:     seven feet 
off the ground    
on the roof of a dented 
dodge;    one story 
up from doorsteps on silver-
coated tar;   leaning out 
windows with wind blowing
 the smell of growth 
                        and damp 
                                    and something else I don't have a name for.