The Friday 56: The Passing of the Grey Company

This is a weekly booking meme courtesy of Freda’s Voice. Friday 56And there is a linkup! The rules are simple: Grab a book, any book. Turn to page 56. Find a sentence, any sentence, and post it. (Or post a few — just don’t spoil it!) Add the post url (not your homepage) to the linky and do some visits.

Since I’m into the 17th installment of a Tolkien series for Part Time Monster and am re-running the series from the beginning on Thursdays at Sourcerer, I’m featuring Tolkien quotes. From The Return of the King.

And while Theoden went by slow paths in the hills, the Grey Company passed swiftly over the plain, and on the next day in the afternoon they came to Edoras; and there they halted only briefly, ere they passed up the valley, and so came to Dunharrow as darkness fell.

The Lady Eowyn greeting them and was glad of their coming . . .