For #1000Speak: On Compassion and Nonviolence

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I signed on to publish a post about compassion just a day or so after Lizzi inspired Yvonne to start the Facebook group. I discovered it as early as I did thanks to my friend Gretchen. I knew this was a good idea the minute I saw it, but I had no clue so many other people would come along. I am thrilled to be a part of it, and grateful to all the friends who not only signed on but have given a little of their time and social media space to help spread the word (especially you #WeekendCoffeeShare peeps).compassion_nonviolence_Emma_Quayle

I knew before I even clicked “Join Group” that I wanted to write a post about compassion and nonviolence. I’ve studied political theory and social movements more thoroughly than just about any other areas of knowledge. I rarely get to blog about that stuff, because I am a geeky, audience-building blogger, and social science blogging is a tough market to break into for a dude without a Ph.D.

When I talk about nonviolence, I am talking about more than just abstaining from physical violence. I’m talking about a way of doing positive social change (which I think we could do with a bit more of in my own country). It requires a specific way of thinking and living to be effective. Basically, you have to develop a clear understanding of your ethic and train yourself to live it. And it has follow certain principles, but still be right for you.

If you adopt the the principles of nonviolence as a code and work at the living by them until you master them, you will gain personal power.

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Weekend Coffee Share: My Feb. 20 Topic Edition


I we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m writing a post for 1,000 Voices Speaking for Compassion on Feb. 20. And I would let you in on the topic in the hope that it will pique your interest and you’ll stop by weekend-after-next to read it. I haven’t settled on a title yet nor figured out how to organize it, but I am writing something about compassion and Nonviolence.

When I use the word with a capital N, I am talking about the methods of positive social change developed by Gandhi and applied to the Civil Rights Movement by Martin Luther King, Jr. It requires one to develop an entire way of life and specific habits of thought to work, and that is a way of life I strive for, though I am certainly not perfect with it. Here’s an explainer on King’s philosophy if you’d like to read up. I don’t come at it from a Christian perspective, as he did, but I find the principles invaluable.Featured Image -- 3218

And I’d tell you I had an all-around busy week. I didn’t get to spend the time chattering on the internet I’d have liked to spend, and did not get much writing done. I still haven’t done my official A to Z announcement here, but at least Sourcerer is set up for a nice long run of blogging, and Diana is mostly back on the Internet now. Part Time Monster had the best single month any of our blogs have had since we started in January, and it is largely thanks to these coffee shares, so life on the blogs is good.

I did have a little internet time, though. I spent some of it joining in my first Blog Blitz by visiting Stephen Tremp and In The Shade of the Cherry Tree. It was fun and it did not take much time. My favorite part of it was visiting periodically on Blitz day and watching the threads grow.

I also spent some time over the last couple of days looking into a rare genetic mutation called PACS1 that my friend Lizzie blogged about. There is not a lot of information about it, and I am in the early stages of looking into it. But I am thinking about what I can do to help people who are dealing with it accomplish whatever goals they have for raising awareness on the social media. Because I’m getting better spreading ideas every day, and this looks like something that might benefit from my assistance.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

And I would tell you that next week is likely more of the same, only with even less Internet time, because I have a lot of writing to do. But at least I have Mardi Gras to look forward to the week after. I met my quota for bacchanalian frenzies years ago, but I do get two days off to play with the youngun’ and write.

Have an awesome Weekend, and a fabulous week.

Jan. 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968


martin-luther-king-jr1Here is the true meaning and value of compassion and nonviolence, when it helps us to see the enemy’s point of view, to hear his questions, to know his assessment of ourselves. For from his view we may indeed see the basic weaknesses of our own condition, and if we are mature, we may learn and grow and profit from the wisdom of the brothers who are called the opposition.

A Time to Break the Silence
April 4, 1967