A Word or Two


So, I moved. It took a damn long time. I am not sure whether I talked about it too much, or talked about it too little. Either way, I have not been on the Internet for the last couple of weeks. I am somewhat back now.Emanuel_Wynne

Things you need to know, in bullet-points.

  • Sourcerer has missed very few days, because that blog has awesome contributors and they communicate with one another even when I am not around. The best is yet to come at Sourcerer.
  • I’m not going to be constantly on the Internet from here on out. But I intend to keep the projects running, answer my threads, and instigate mayhem on Twitter as often as I can spare the time to do that.
  • I’ve missed two #WeekendCoffeeShare Saturdays in a row, and it’s grown without me. 38 links on the Linky┬áthis week.
  • Feminist Friday at Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom this week.
  • I have two Serious Personal Matters that have nothing to do with the move going on right now. One involves hospitals, the other involves law enforcement (not to worry, though, I am not diagnosed with anything nor implicated in anything untoward). So, I’m still on-and-off for a bit.

I’m sure there’s more, but I am in a hurry. I’m re-establishing my Internet presence. That started in Facebook groups Saturday afternoon, and this post is part of the plan. I’ll be back to Twitter maybe by Wednesday.

Happy Monday!

Last Feminist Friday Discussion Until Summer, Right Here, This Week.

I’m hosting the Feminist Friday discussion on this very blog, and also wrapping it up for spring. On Friday.

No topic announcement for you this week. I am not sure how I am going with it yet. Some violence happened to me last weekend that has got me thinking about my privilege and the blind spots that come with it.

I even wrote a rough draft and had two other bloggers read it, but, just based on their feedback and what I know about both my weaknesses as a writer and my schedule, it might not get done.

Might just review the previous discussions, call it a day for now, and save the post I want to run for summer.

Either way. You want to show up this week. It’s the last until probably June. These things take a lot of preparation and coordination. But at least we are getting better at it ­čÖé

I was not able to dig you up a feminist blog link this week, but at least I brought you a feminist video.

Brace yourself! April is coming!

Weekend Coffee Share, MidWinter Edition

If we were having coffee, I would have two, and you would not be able to get away from me until I finished the second one.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

I would tell you the weather has been abysmal this week. Short-sleeve weather one day, Air-Force-arctic-rescue-jacket weather the next. And every day a gray one with 85 percent relative humidity. The days that threaten rain and no rain happens are the worst. Because you walk around in a topcoat that is too warm and carry the stupid umbrella all day long for no reason. There is a #FirstWorldProblem for you.

I would tell you I need a certain amount of sunlight on my face to function properly and I have not been getting it because there has been no sun for a week or two in this god-forsaken corner of the world that supposedly has enough annual sunny days to qualify as a golfing destination. And I would confide that as difficult and exasperating as December and the holidays are, this stretch from late January to mid-February is consistently worse.

This is the low point of the year. It’s my Kryptonite. That actually makes a certain amount of geeky sense if you understand the logic of Superman, even though I ain’t Superman.

Somehow, I ended the week on top of the job and better off on the social media than I was the week before. And family stuff happened. We had a bout of sickness that resulted in a late-night trip to the ER, but we mostly handled it.

Everyone is better now, and that is not the big news of the week. The big news is that the grandson got his first glasses. He picked out the frames all by himself. He loves them, and he is so cute. Also, says he can see better.

He refused to have round ones because “doze are 4 science newds.” Then of course we had to have a long conversation about how we are all nerds about something, but really, the old grandpaw is more of a geek. It was cool. Much socialization, with a kid who has been doing free comic book day since he was three.

I’m trying not to think about him going to school with the new glasses next week. I remember my first day at school with glasses. Holding my breath until he gets home on Monday and tells us how it went.

He was also referred to by a professional educator this week as “a deep thinker, capable of understanding concepts most of his peers are not even aware of yet.” So apparently, I am doing at least some of my job. And before either the glasses or the crazy-good assessment of his cognitive development happened, way earlier in the week, I came home to find he’d learned this without any help from the grownups at all.

live_long_prosper_2015Apparently, he picked it right out of the media and decided it was cool enough to share. I gave it right back to him, of course. He tried to high-five me with it and then we talked about how Vulcans doing high-fives is almost as silly as Elves doing them. How the way to respond when someone returns your Vulcan salute is to say “Live Long And Prosper.”

That launched an entire conversation about prosperity which would require a whole other post to unpack, because there were Monopoloy analogies, this is a six-year-old I am talking about, and it took all the restraint I could muster to not sing L’Internationale to him by the time we were done. This child won the first game of Monopoly he ever played and then cried when he realized he’d bankrupted everyone else.

He often perches on the arm of my chair and questions me incessantly about the blogging, by the way. He is offended that I do not share more photos of him on the Internet so everyone can see how awesome he is. I try to explain about how I am casting a very wide social media net and we can’t afford for me to put his face on the Internet very often. He doesn’t care. “Put me on da’┬á website,” is the response I get when I take that line.

He’ll be blogging before we know it.

Note: This happened to late to go in the post proper, but the 1,000 Voices for Compassion Facebook group reached 1,000 members overnight. There’s also a WordPress blog associated with that project now.