Super Awesome Self Promo Thread of Doom

Reblogging this because some of you might be interested. I love threads like this and I plan to join in 🙂 Comments are closed to eliminate confusion about where the links should be dropped.

Weekend Coffee Share . . . #1000Speak, Again!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you #1000Speak is far exceeding my expectations. As I write this post, the linky list alone includes more than 500 posts, and the link-up is still live for a few more hours. If you’ve written and published a compassion post, I encourage you to add it to the linky list.1000speakLizzi

I would tell you I am grateful to everyone who’s written about this and shared the work of other #1000Speak bloggers, especially you #WeekendCoffeeShare friends. Your initial response to this project was gratifying, and your consistent support for it over the last few weeks has been truly amazing.

The first posts and the linky list went live early Thursday morning, my time. By the time I was able to check in on Thursday night, more than 100 people had added posts to the list. And the hashtag was so deep my mobile app would only load about six hours’ worth of tweets. Even though it’s mostly the strength of the idea and the work of others that made this a success, I did have part in it – especially in the early going – and I am feeling a bit like an Internet graffiti artist today.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

Then I would give you some pointers about how to keep spreading the compassion, in the form of telling you what I am doing this weekend, and hoping some of you join in.

1.Twitter will heat up starting around 10 or 11 GMT and stay hot for about 10-12 hours on Saturday, with periodic lulls. Then again on Sunday.

2. I hit the linky list. I read blogs. While I am  visiting a blog, I comment if I feel like it and use the sharing buttons to Tweet links to hashtags, pin good images, Stumble the best posts, etc. While I am doing this, I have ‪#‎1000Speak‬ loaded up on my phone or in a separate tab. I pause every 20 minutes or so and retweet 3 or 4 links.

3. Stuff I wrote about this three weeks ago gets shared to ‪#‎ArchiveDay‬ on Saturday, and I will retweet some things from that hashtag and read some Archive Day posts.

4. On Sunday, I am sharing #1000Speak posts with ‪#‎SundayBlogShare‬ while I do my normal thing there.Featured Image -- 3218

5. On Monday, I will share at least one #1000Speak post with ‪#‎MondayBlogs‬ and retweet from that hashtag. I am also coming back to Facebook on Monday morning with my favorite links from the weekend to share in groups and on my timeline.

The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to stop spreading the compassion when the linky closes. The great thing about linkies is they are permanent. You can revisit them at your leisure as long as they aren’t taken down. So stay with it as long as you like. The more this stuff is shared, the further it spreads and the more persistent it is on the Internet.

If you’ve published a post and not added it to the linky list, I advise you to do. That is the best way some of us have of finding you. Add your compassion post to the linky list below.

Trollery! — Here is How I Handle It.


How I respond to trolling behavior when I see it depends on where it’s happening. These are my rules of thumb. I make exceptions at times but for the most part, these are the best ways I have found of dealing with it.

On My Own Blog

The first thing I do, if I have any question about a comment at all, is put the commenter’s IP address, username, and email address on the moderation list. I do it before I approve the comment, and before I respond. That way, I control whether or not their subsequent comments come through, and I control when they come though.

I have a policy that establishes a clear baseline for what is acceptable on my threads at Sourcerer. If a first comment is so egregious that I don’t want it on my thread at all, I remove it and flag that commenter for permanent moderation until I see what they are up to. If it doesn’t rise to that level, I still flag that person for moderation to pre-empt the possibility of someone stumbling into it, responding, and things getting out of hand while I am not looking.

Do not engage — This is the first and best way to avoid drama on the Internet and the only real proof against intentional trolling. If I am absolutely sure I am dealing with trolling behavior, I send the commenter’s subsequent comments straight to the spam folder and pretend the first one is not there, even if I allow it through. I am not above unceremoniously dumping comments in the trash without a word, but I try to do that only when people don’t respect my policy.

Leave a single reply and see what kind of response I get – I do this if I am not sure, but I don’t spend a lot of time on the comment and don’t try and address everything. I just pick out one idea to question or criticize, and above all, include something conciliatory. Habitual trollers love, love, love to run into people who agree with some of what they say, but not all. That is an opening of sorts, and they exploit it. Sometimes I let them have the opening just so they’ll give me more information about what they’re up to. I only do this on my own blog, or one where I am sure the owner won’t mind. Diana and I have had more than one private conversation about things happening on threads, and one or the other of us has said “give them a little more rope and let’s just see if they hang themselves.”

On Someone Else’s Blog

Do not engage is my first rule. I let the owner of the blog handle it, and I try to stay away from questioning motivations or making assumptions about malice vs. ignorance. If it looks like trolling, I just assume it is until I have more information to go on.

When I stumble into it, the genie is already out of the bottle, and I want to support whomever is dealing with it, I don’t start a new thread of conversation with the person who is trolling. I leave whomever is responding, short, encouraging comments that give the trolling-person little or nothing to latch onto, and I like all the comments on the thread except the trollish ones. I don’t intervene in the conversation because that only fuels the flames and sucks me into it right along with the other person.

For All Cases

Never fight fire with fire. Flame wars got their name for a reason. Be calm, point out errors, ask for evidence, and register disagreement as snarkily as you like. But don’t attack the person, and whatever you do, do not allow yourself to be baited into an emotional exchange or into spending a bunch of time addressing comments point-by-point. Unless you have a reason to do so (as I did recently), it is never a good idea to get into a point-by-point criticism duel with a person who is tossing things onto a thread two and three hundred words at a time. I’ll talk a little tomorrow about why I spent so much time arguing on that thread.

Next: How vulnerable are you? And can you spot the trolling?

(Since I am hosting the linky for #1000Speak, I have been asked to post my compassion post tomorrow a.m. to make the linky available to bloggers who are in the much earlier time zones than me, so the final installment of this series will run this afternoon.)