If We Were Having Coffee . . .

. . . I’d tell you I had an awesome vacation, despite the fact that I got really sick on the last day of it. My grandson had an even better time, because he got to see something he’d never seen before, and he loved it. (He also came home sick, but he’s already better. He went to school on Friday and is back in full monkey mode.)

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

We spent three full days at Walt Disney World last weekend, but the first look he had at the park was “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party” on Thursday night. By Sunday night, the little dude was already thinking like a seasoned thrill-seeker. He opted to skip the fireworks and parade in front of the castle in favor of walking around the park and riding all the roller coasters with no waiting while everyone else was watching the parade and fireworks. I was so proud 🙂 And we did see the fireworks, but we saw them from the top of a ride 😀

By the time we got back to our room that last night, the little dude was in such a deep sleep I had to roll him out of the car onto a luggage rack and wheel him up to the room.  The room was on the 7th floor, and carrying him is absolutely out of the question, even though he’s only six. “Little dude” is a bit of a misnomer. He’s the size of a healthy 10-year-old.

And I’d tell you I don’t have much else to talk about. My social media planning is about where it was before I left, and I haven’t had the opportunity to read any interesting blogs because I just spent a week getting to Disney World, enjoying Disney World, and getting home. Then another week sleeping off the flu. I have some photos from the trip to share eventually, but I haven’t had the time or energy to extract them from my phone and size them for sharing.

I hope your last couple of weeks have been good, and I hope this next one is even better. I’ll be back to normal, social media-wise, as soon as I get my inbox, blog comments, and Twitter notifications sorted out. And I’ll see you for #SundayBlogShare tomorrow. 😉

If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Facebook Edition)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I’ve had a fabulous week. I wore a jacket for the first time this year on Wednesday. It was a light one, and I only wore it long enough to walk home from work, but still. As much as I love fall, I’m missing the summer already. And I would tell you I’m trying some new things with my Facebook pages. If you’d like to leave a link to your blog or your fanpage on the meetup thread at the top of my page, you’re welcome to do it. (Apologies, I couldn’t get the post to embed properly for some reason).

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

This is a bit of a Hail Mary. I didn’t promote it because I was busy wrapping up the Feminist Friday Project at Part Time Monster while Luther and I were doing a big Follow Friday on Twitter. If it doesn’t get many looks, I won’t be surprised, but you’re invited to join in, and I will look at every link dropped on the thread. (And speaking of Luther, his first contribution runs at Sourcerer within the hour, and you don’t want to miss it!)

If you have a fanpage and you’re not sure if I’m following it, this weekend is an opportunity to bring it to my attention without the weirdness that comes with asking someone to like your page. My shares on Facebook aren’t worth much, but I do have the ability to give you both a personal follow and two page likes. I also have the ability to invite a few other bloggers to like your page if I think it will interest them.

I’d tell you, too, that I’m changing the whole way I do Facebook. I’ve got a private list of bloggers and fan pages that I’m liking every day, and I’ve removed a lot of non-blog-related content from my feeds. Within a couple of weeks, my main news feed will be full posts from friendly bloggers. I’m also going to start sharing updates on my fanpages other than the publicized links from my own blogs. A Sourcerer’s page, I’ll share geeky blog posts — mostly television and comics-related because that’s what we write about most often over there. On my personal page, I’ll share link for the friends and regular readers who support this blog.

I have no idea if this will be worth it. We’ll give it a few weeks and see. But I’m kinda stuck with Facebook. I need a real presence on a third network, and all my behind-the-scenes collaboration is done on Facebook, so I have to spend time there often. It makes more sense to try and get more out of the fanpages than it does to try and build a presence on a fourth network right now.

I’d tell you my family is doing great and I’ve had a fine fall break. We’re going on vacation week-after-next. It’s supposed to be a surprise for the little one. He knows we’re planning it, but he doesn’t know we’ve got everything booked and we’ve been vague about our plans.  He suggested yesterday to Vicki that Halloween would be the time to go. The boy’s got a touch of the ESP, I think.

How’s your Saturday?

If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Fall Break Edition)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s been a fabulous week. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary happened, which is always good 🙂 I’m loving the weather we’ve been having — sunny days, not too hot — and it’s great to be back on the social media.

My grandson’s doing well in school. He likes to practice his spelling with sidewalk chalk.

SpellingTest 14_10_11

He’s super-excited to have two days off this week for fall break. I’m pretty stoked about fall break myself. I just wish our breaks coincided so we could spend the time together. We’ve got a big trip planned for the week of Halloween. It’s the prefect thing for a six-year-old and he doesn’t know about it yet. I’m eagerly anticipating the excitement when we tell him we’re going.

I’d tell you my fabulous sister is in the midst of written Ph.D. comps right now. I want to call her and ask her how it’s coming, but I don’t want to be a distraction, so I’m feeding the Monster this weekend and wishing her well.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

It seems as though the blogs are mostly back on track for now. Diana’s decided to blog the new season of American Horror Story. David (who had a big birthday recently) has the comics covered at Sourcerer and Will’s on his way to blogging the entire season of Doctor Who. I’m doing the same at Part Time Monster, and I have a plan for this blog. Life in the blogosphere is suddenly good again.

Speaking of plans for this blog, here’s the short version. I’m building it from the weekend up, because these coffee posts are the most popular thing I’ve done here yet. Here are a few things I’m planning to try out here over the next couple of months.

  • Later this month, I’m moving the Sunday blogging and social media posts over here for a few weeks and see how they do.
  • Since it looks as though Diana’s American Horror Story posts are running on Thursdays, I’ll also post my Thursday Thirteen lists here for awhile.
  • As soon as I am able to work one more feature into my writing schedule, I’m going to start a Monday series here which is basically a memoir. These should be easy posts to write, and based on my experience, I think they’ll be a hit.

I’d just have to tell you, too, that I’ve impressed myself with the Twitter growth. I’m not one to brag about follower counts and such, but the Twitter success is making me very happy. Since I finished and scheduled last week’s social media post, I’m up almost 500 followers with @Sourcererblog, and I’ve doubled @justgeneo‘s following this week. I am confident now that I know what I’m doing over there, and it’s not taking an inordinate amount of my time. I’ll talk a bit more about the Twitter experience in the coming weeks. I’m also planning to spend some of my social media blogging time on WordPress tips this fall.

Have a fabulous weekend, and feel free to drop me a link to your coffee post!