#SundayBlogShare, and other Twitter Stuff

Since I’ve picked up a few new followers lately and made first contact with several new bloggers this week, I’ll just post this here to help those of you who are on Twitter find ways to meet bloggers.

The first thing you need to know about is #SundayBlogShare. This is a relatively new thing. It’s the brainchild of Suzie81(@suzie81blog). I’ve been following Suzie for about a year and we have chatted a bit. I have a ton of respect for her as a blogger and all-around social media ninja, and I did my best to help her get #SundayBlogShare off the ground last month. The way it works is you share links to your posts to the hashtag. People might retweet you and might visit your blog. You could also think about retweeting links you like and visiting a few #SundayBlogShare bloggers yourself. That’s how you use Twitter to meet bloggers.

Basic rules:

Suzie's graphic. Just assuming it's ok to use since I'm promoting here ;-)

Suzie’s graphic. Just assuming it’s ok to use since I’m promoting here 😉

  1. #SundayBlogShare is a happy place. Posts that are racist, sexist and homophobic are not allowed.
  2. Don’t use #SundayBlogShare to post inspirational quotes, book promotions, links to Amazon or porn. Blog posts only.
  3. Do not beg or harass others for retweets or follows. However, feel free to retweet and follow others.
  4. Be respectful at all times. If you disagree with the content of a post, do so in a polite manner.

Everyone who’s Tweeted for very long knows Twitter gets hot on the weekends, especially Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Here are some other ways to share your links or otherwise find other bloggers.

  1. Give a #FollowFriday or two to bloggers you know using appropriate blog-related hashtags, and check out Follow Fridays other bloggers are doing.
  2. On Saturdays, you can share links for #ArchiveDay, retweet, and visit blog links on that hashtag.
  3. On Mondays, @MondayBlogs retweets links for bloggers. They own the hashtag #MondayBlogs, and lots of bloggers retweet from it. This is a well-developed thing, and while retweets aren’t guaranteed, I have had good success with them.

So, that gives you up to four activities on different days that you can participate in with other bloggers. I don’t do them all every week, but I would if I had the time. They’ve all worked well for me, both for meeting friendly bloggers and for growing my Twitter account. You can find me @sourcererblog, and I am generous with followbacks on Twitter.

These are not the droids you’re looking for . . .

. . . if you haven’t heard by now, sci-fi author and blogger extraordinaire Luther M. Siler is now a Sourcerer contributor.

I have a bit of free time over the next few days. Sadly, it is not infinite. I have to spend most of it getting us set up for 2015, but I will to spend some of it running amok on the social media. Read on!

Diabolo III free wallpaper from hqwide.com.

Diabolo III free wallpaper from hqwide.com.

I’m doing a massive Follow Friday on Twitter tomorrow. I’ve got 1,000+ new followers and not many of the new ones are interacting. I’m introducing those of you who do interact with me to those 1,000 followers. With hashtags that adequately, and possibly even accurately, reflect your interests. We’ll just see what happens. Maybe some of you will find a few new people to tweet with. And be warned. There’s a damn lot of you. If I leave you out it’s not because I forgot about you. It’s because there are only so many keystrokes in a day.

If you have regular readers or friends on Twitter and you aren’t sure if they know me, this weekend is a good time to include them in a #FF tweet with @Sourcererblog. Everyone included in such a tweet gets a look from me over the weekend and a chance at a follow. If I am following them already and they are following me back, they get an appropriate list add.

Also. I have changed the way I Facebook, and I am cooking up an activity for bloggers with Facebook pages for the weekend. It’s still a half-baked idea at this point, and I may not figure it out in time. But I think I will. I have a whole day to work on it. You don’t want to miss the coffee post on Saturday.

We’re wrapping up the Feminist Friday Project for 2014 at Part Time Monster this week. Last chance to join in that discussion until January. The Follow Friday on Twitter and the Feminist Friday thread at the monster are the only two things I am doing on the public media tomorrow.

This blog has new blavatar.


Make of it what you will. I’ll explain the significance at some point. In the meantime, it is a powerful image and it’s working for me.

If We Were Having Coffee . . .

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

. . . I’d tell you I don’t have much to talk about this week except work and family. I’ve not had much time for anything else for the last little while. It’s all I can do to keep Sourcerer posting, to have a weekly post at Part Time Monster, and to think about getting the Feminist Friday project rolling again.

I don’t know what most of my peeps are up to, and I’m barely answering comments. All this will get better eventually, but I miss publishing a post of my own every day and I miss the networking, which has become my favorite part of blogging.

I had a great week at work. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve given presentations to nearly 700 people — that’s a big part of why I’ve been so busy — and I’ve done well with them. The combination of public speaking and daily personal interaction at this job has changed my personality over the last couple of years. I realized recently that I really can’t call myself an introvert any more. I am able to start conversations with strangers and deal better with crowds and noisy environments than I ever have. I’m able to function for long periods of time without having to shut myself away alone in a room to recover from the social interaction. I do still need alone time, but not like I used to. My anxiety level is way down. This is a relatively new development, and it’s the job that’s done that for me.

My family’s doing great, too. My grandson is becoming a good speller and developing an aptitude for math. He’s reading the titles of tv shows off the program menus, and he can read his first reader by himself. We’re working on his writing. He’s starting Cub Scouts, which makes me a little sad because I miss the baby, but it also makes me proud. I like the way he’s turning out. He’s considerate of others’ feelings, he’s beginning to understand that his actions have consequences, and has an enjoyable sense of humor.

I’d tell you, too, that I’m eager to see how this blog does through the end of the year with the posting once or twice a week at most. In the time we’ve been blogging, we’ve not had a blog that posted at such a low frequency for very long. We’re everyday bloggers when we can afford to be, and most of what we do is designed to produce a steady stream of content over a long period of time. It’s interesting to have one that’s just different. This blog isn’t picking up followers like it was during the first couple of weeks, but it’s done better for page views during this early phase than any of our other blogs did, and I haven’t really promoted it. So we’ll just see.

What have you been up to this week?