Almost done with this build. Feedback on the layout and images, please?

I’m not quite ready to throw the switch and start blogging here, but I have a theme, background and header images, and archives imported. I chose this theme because it has several features I like that the theme at my old blog didn’t have. Here’s a brief list of them.

  • Page menus at the top of the front page. This is the most important thing, because selfportrait1the pages were cluttering my sidebar at the old site and making navigation more difficult than it had to be.
  • Three footer areas. This is great, because it allows me to make the sidebar menu even cleaner by moving some of my widgets to the bottom of the page.
  • The ability to have more than one header image and randomize them.

The background and header images are my own photos, and that makes me very happy. I still have to put in the widgets, change a lot of links on my social media, and figure out how to set up the publicize settings before I’m ready to start here, but I’d love to know what you think about the basic design. Is it more clean and friendly?

I’ll keep chipping away at it, and it will be done before we know it, but this is all I have time for today because I have something else to do right now. I’m going to take a look at the final results of Suzie81’s linkup/blog experiment. I’m planning to go through the thread, visit every blogger who answered her questions in a post of her own, and do some combination of the following things for them:

  1. Tweet links to their posts from the browser.
  2. Add the posts that include images to a Pinterest board I built just for this linkup.
  3. Share their links on StumbleUpon.

I’m doing this today because Saturday afternoon is prime time for both Twitter and Pinterest. I’m interested to see what effect, if any, it has, and I’m in the mood to read and share some blogs.

Anyone know how to use StumbleUpon?

Not a writing post today – more a personal one. Earlier this week, I published a post about my plans to add a few features to my blogs over the summer. Once that’s up and running, and it may take all summer to get it done, I’ll start thinking about improving my ability to network with people online.

At the moment, I pretty much live on WordPress and Twitter, because that’s where I get the most, and best, engagement. I haven’t left Facebook or Google Plus permanently, I’ve just stepped away from them to focus on the blogs and the Twitter accounts. That’s why you haven’t been seeing +1s from me on G+ or fanpage likes on Facebook lately. I’ll get back to those in time.

We tried out nine different networks during the first few months because we were experimenting and trying to figure out what works best for us. We learned what we needed to know from the experiments, but they ate up a lot of time when I could have been writing. Now, I’ve shifted gears and changed my approach. Going forward, my plan is to focus on stockpiling content and really interacting with people on WP and Twitter until we get far enough ahead for me to truly use a third network.

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