Welcome to the New Age.


The level of engagement on my Facebook timeline ticked up a bit yesterday. I take that as a sign I’m moving in the right direction.

I am seeing blog pages in my main news feed I haven’t seen in months, and Facebook is curious to know why I’ve unfollowed every public personality and media outlet that’s crossed my feed in the last 48 hours except Neil Gaiman, David Mack, and Gangstagrass.

LOL. They ask me every time I unfollow. I don’t tell them.

Bullet points.

  • I’ve removed the link to my Facebook account from the Saturday Coffee post.
  • That post got some serious #SundayBlogShare retweet juice, and I can’t have a post with a link to my Facebook profile in it bouncing around on Twitter a week from now. That’s too daring, even for me.
  • I’m easy to find over there, and I am approachable. Talk to me on the Internet long enough to earn my trust. That’s all it takes.
  • I almost posted this at Sourcerer, but the time for playing these games at that blog is done.
  • I’ll still do the blogwanking and post conspiratorial-type stuff over there when I want to be sure EVERYONE sees. But this is where you come to learn about my evil schemes.

I play the world domination for laughs, but this jolly roger is serious business.

Arrr, Mateys!

Public Domain image. Just Google “Emanuel Wynne.”

When you see it embedded in a post, you can be sure I am up to something. And everyone who knows me will tell you, mateys. I don’t raise my banner lightly. 😉

Happy Blogging! See you for coffee on Saturday. (David, the video is totally for you!)

#SundayBlogShare, and other Twitter Stuff

Since I’ve picked up a few new followers lately and made first contact with several new bloggers this week, I’ll just post this here to help those of you who are on Twitter find ways to meet bloggers.

The first thing you need to know about is #SundayBlogShare. This is a relatively new thing. It’s the brainchild of Suzie81(@suzie81blog). I’ve been following Suzie for about a year and we have chatted a bit. I have a ton of respect for her as a blogger and all-around social media ninja, and I did my best to help her get #SundayBlogShare off the ground last month. The way it works is you share links to your posts to the hashtag. People might retweet you and might visit your blog. You could also think about retweeting links you like and visiting a few #SundayBlogShare bloggers yourself. That’s how you use Twitter to meet bloggers.

Basic rules:

Suzie's graphic. Just assuming it's ok to use since I'm promoting here ;-)

Suzie’s graphic. Just assuming it’s ok to use since I’m promoting here 😉

  1. #SundayBlogShare is a happy place. Posts that are racist, sexist and homophobic are not allowed.
  2. Don’t use #SundayBlogShare to post inspirational quotes, book promotions, links to Amazon or porn. Blog posts only.
  3. Do not beg or harass others for retweets or follows. However, feel free to retweet and follow others.
  4. Be respectful at all times. If you disagree with the content of a post, do so in a polite manner.

Everyone who’s Tweeted for very long knows Twitter gets hot on the weekends, especially Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Here are some other ways to share your links or otherwise find other bloggers.

  1. Give a #FollowFriday or two to bloggers you know using appropriate blog-related hashtags, and check out Follow Fridays other bloggers are doing.
  2. On Saturdays, you can share links for #ArchiveDay, retweet, and visit blog links on that hashtag.
  3. On Mondays, @MondayBlogs retweets links for bloggers. They own the hashtag #MondayBlogs, and lots of bloggers retweet from it. This is a well-developed thing, and while retweets aren’t guaranteed, I have had good success with them.

So, that gives you up to four activities on different days that you can participate in with other bloggers. I don’t do them all every week, but I would if I had the time. They’ve all worked well for me, both for meeting friendly bloggers and for growing my Twitter account. You can find me @sourcererblog, and I am generous with followbacks on Twitter.

If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Vacation Edition)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you vacation week is upon me. On Monday, the office will be left neat and tidy with everything done. On Tuesday the suitcases will be packed. On Wednesday, the little dude, who is six, gets the surpise of his life when we pick him up from school. I’ll be out of town all next week and return next Tuesday.

The Little Dude having some fun. Creative Commons license rescinded for this one!

The Little Dude having some fun.

He knows where we are going, and he knows we’re going before his next birthday. He’s been loading up his piggy bank with the fastidiousness of a doomsday prepper for six months. But he has no idea we are going for Halloween. (There is a certain Mouse involved in all of this, so you can imagine what the ten-hour drive is going to be like, hee hee).

I would tell you even though I wanted to roll out a new set of About pages today, I did not get around to it. The text is written, but pages take time, and these next pages must be perfect. They are the new foundation of this project Diana and I have invested the last year in. I made a decision early in the week to promote #SundayBlogShare instead of building the pages. That was totally the right decision, and I will talk about #SundayBlogShare in a minute. But first, my new tagline bears a little discussion.

A blog for bloggers, with Weekend Coffee

  • “A blog for bloggers” is not a blog about blogging. Though I will share what I know about blogging here from time to time.
  • This blog is dedicated to finding interesting things for bloggers to do together and offering them the opportunities. That won’t happen every week, but given the number of bloggers I know, I think it will happen often enough to be worthwhile.
  • “with Weekend Coffee” is there because the Saturday Coffee post is the only one I can reliably deliver here for the next few months. Basically, I post here on Saturdays and that’s it unless I am promoting a blogging event or reblogging my friends.
  • The two phrases are a nice mix. It’s a friendly tagline. Welcoming to bloggers. I want it to send the message that all bloggers are welcome, here, not matter what they blog about.I believe I have finally nailed it.

    Getty stock image.

    Getty stock image.

I would tell you I’ll get those About pages up in a couple of weeks and give them a proper announcement, but right this second, I need to talk about #SundayBlogShare.

I won’t rehash the whole story of how I stumbled upon it in my WordPress reader last Sunday, tweeted it to 20 bloggers, and by the end of the day I’d played some small part in it becoming a regular thing. Nor how I spent the better part of a week seeing how many people I could share it with.

I’ll just tell you it’s been a good week. The Follow Friday went so well, I am writing a post about it at some point. Lots of introductions were made yesterday, and that is a good thing. I am glad I threw in on this one.

I’m looking forward to an awesome day of link sharing tomorrow. Thank you, Suzie, for dreaming this up at just the right moment, and for the reasonable rules.

That’s all I have today. This seems unfinished, but I am done.

Conrad, you are a prince.