Social Media Sunday: Twitter, Facebook, et al.


I’m doing a double-feature today. I’ve got another one of these over at Sourcerer which explains what I’m doing with Twitter for the next couple of weeks. Basically, I am standing the Twitter accounts back up and getting them right before I do anything else other than blog. This one will clue you in somewhat on the bigger picture.

Image via Suzie81's Blog, 2014.

Image via Suzie81

At most, I’m posting two scheduled status updates a day on Facebook because that’s all I have time for. These are mostly short text updates because scheduled link-sharing doesn’t work over there unless you schedule a public share to one place (a page, say) and then share it from the page internally (and manually) to timelines and groups.

For now, my Just Gene’O page is inactive and the Sourcerer page is doing what it’s always done — provide a landing space for publicized links. The blogs are all connected to @Sourcererblog, which is also tweeting on a schedule. The next thing is to get @justgeneo tweeting on a schedule and get those accounts to the point where they’re low-maintenance, growing accounts. Then we talk about the Facebook group and StumbleUpon.

This, the blogging, and the answering of my threads. are likely all I’m going to have time to do on the Internet for most of the summer. I’m driven at this point, people. We shall break the Internets.

Fixing Facebook, Fanpage Edition


If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will. It is more an event than a performance. It happened on a stage in Croatia four years ago, and I have no idea who these people are, but god bless YouTube. On to business.

I rolled out Sourcerer’s new look with the Weekend Music today. I’d love to know what you think about it. I’m also experimenting with a different way of using my Facebook pages. Here’s what I am doing on a trial basis.

I’ve disconnected this blog from the Just Gene’O page and am publicizing to Sourcerer’s page from here for awhile. I’ll still share the weekend coffee there and occasionally share things for friends, but that’s about all I am doing with the Just Gene’O page until I can figure out how to use it.

fblikeI’ve changed the Facebook follow widget here to show Sourcerer’s page, and set the Facebook widgets up on both blogs to display timeline activity rather than recent followers. I’ve done this so we can see what’s posting there without actually going to Facebook.

I will also start sharing things for other bloggers on Sourcerer’s page. Since I am not posting publicly from my personal account, this is how I do public shares. So people who aren’t friends can see the blogs I share, and friends have an easy way to share things from me they like without having their own audience limited by my privacy settings.

I chose Sourcerer because it’s the page that’s getting the most looks, and I’m only updating the Just Gene’O page with a couple of posts per week, anyway. That’s not enough sharing to do any good on Facebook from a page. Basically, I am concentrating a lot of blog-related Facebook activity at Sourcerer over the next year and hoping to create a busy public feed.

It will include:

  • Links to everything posted at Sourcerer, Part Time Monster, and Just Gene’O
  • Selected posts from friends and from blogs/pages I like.

Managing what you see on Facebook is nebulous, so I’ll tell you how I get pages I want to follow into my main news feed.

  1. I like a page to follow it.
  2. While I’m there, I like 3 to 6 posts and sometimes comment.
  3. This usually suffices to get it into my feed for a couple of days. I like a one or two items from the page per day and see what happens.
  4. If I start to see so much of one page that I feel like it’s crowding out other pages or friends I want to keep up with, I lay off the likes for a day or two.
  5. If it hits me that I’ve not seen a page for awhile, I go to the page, and if it’s posting regularly, give it a few likes to get more of it into my feed.Diabolo III free wallpaper from

I use small private lists to easily find pages and give them likes when I’m not seeing enough of them. The trick with Facebook lists is to separate the pages that post a lot from the ones that post less often.

I am also building WordPress lists. You might want to check and make sure you have both Twitter and Facebook sharing enabled in your post footers.

By February, I’m going to be able to consistently see more of you in my reader than I’ve ever been able to see before. When I find just the right thing to share, I like to tweet it and share it on the page while I’m there.

Wheels Within Wheels


I am disconnecting this blog from the Just Gene’O Facebook page and connecting it to Sourcerer’s. I’ll explain the whys and wherefores tomorrow. For now, thoughts.

  • We already have two blogs posting to that page. In normal times I only post here once or twice a week. Makes more sense for this blog to be connected to the busier page.
  • I’m setting myself up to scour WordPress for shareable content to spread around on Facebook and Twitter. It’s no more trouble to share to the page than it is to share to the timeline. I could be doing both.
  • My personal privacy settings are tight. We need a way for people who are interested in what we’re doing, but not inclined to be Facebook friends, to keep up with us over there. And they need to be able to do it by following one page.

I’ve added widgets to both my blogs that allow us to see Sourcerer’s Facebook timeline. It won’t just be posts from Sourcerer there once we get going next year. I will share all manner of bloggy goodness on that page.

I’m officially rolling out Sourcerer‘s new theme in the weekend music post tomorrow and will have more details here about this latest Facebook move.

If you’re out and about in Internet-Land this evening and looking for something cool to do, The Monster has an awesome Thursday Thirteen for you. 🙂