Post-apocalyptic, dystopian sci fi: peak and deconstruction

-An interesting and provocative take on the direction of these genres. I do not think dystopian fiction is going away; though it will certainly not always be as marketable as it has been recently.

Counter Dimensional

What a title. Strap yourself in for a snooze-fest about genre conventions!


It’s interesting to watch the trends come and go. Elves give way to South American mythology, to Vampires, to Angels and Daemons, to dystopian fiction and back to elves. Navigating these waters as a genre-fiction writer must be a tricky business; if you’re of the mind to write a book of the times, for the people of the times, then plotting where people’s taste will go must be akin to looking into a crystal ball. To be at the beck and call of people who want more and more and more of the same until they’re fed up is surely a difficult and admirable task.

And so, invariably, we see the tables are beginning to turn on dystopian science fiction. The Hunger Games film series and Wool are perhaps the recent genre-heralds, the most commonly accepted and…

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Best Week Ever. (Digest)

We just had an awesome week at Part Time Monster. Here are six reason why we did so well:

1. The Hunger Games (and I want to revisit some of the stuff in this post with one of my own soon).

2. Zombies

3. Doctor Who

4. Annie-Blog (Sailor Moon)

5. Cat-Blog (a fine introduction)

That is five interesting pieces from four different authors, all in one week.

On my own blogs, I decided to build some trebuchets, had an unfortunate experience with Twitter, and talked about my own Constructed World.

Also,  The Professor is cool, in a punchy sort of way.