Weekend Coffee Share: Post-Easter Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d be a little later than usual because I just had a Google meetup with several of the admins from 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. It was nice to be able to talk to so many of the bloggers I’ve been chatting with since January via video. We bounced around ideas, and just in general, had a very pleasant and productive conversation.

I’d tell you I had a great Easter Weekend. I spent lots of time with my family and we celebrated the Little Jedi’s birthday on Saturday. I got some awesome new social media profile images and page art courtesy of my friend Cat of Thru Cat’s Eyes Photography.


Here’s the first of several new images you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks on my various social media profiles. This one’s going on the about page here if I ever have time to do the much-needed revamp of my pages and categories here. That’s my sister Diana of Part Time Monster there with me.

And I’d tell you the A to Z Challenge is going well.  We’re down to only a handful of posts to load and finish at Sourcerer, and we’ve had a fabulous time with A to Z over there. I’ve not done as many visits this week as I’d like, because I had a busy week at work and was sick for a few days late in the week. I’m hoping to catch up on visits from the list today.

I’d ask you how your week has been, and chat for a little while until we caught up. Then I’d have to run, because I’m not going to have a lot of Internet time this week or next weekend, so I have a ton of stuff to take care of to get the blogs and all the social media associated with them squared away for the next 10 or so days.

Happy Weekend! Don’t forget to add your coffee post to the linkup, and share it to #weekendcoffeeshare if you share your posts on Facebook or Twitter.