The Next Thing

Figure out what the next thing is and then do it.

I’m not sure who I heard that from first, but it’s my social media motto. Prioritization, time management, etc. So, here’s my social media to-do list, prioritized.

Image by Gene'O, 2014. Original photo by Vicki, 2013.

Image by Gene’O, 2014. Original photo by Vicki, 2013.

  1. Start growing @Sourcererblog on Twitter once again.
  2. Get @justgeneo active on Twitter again, and start following people.
  3. Connect @justgeneo to this blog
  4. Thursday Thirteen at Part Time Monster by me, and photos loaded there for this weekend. (On the way, hey!)
  5. Get the word out that the Feminist Friday post this week is at Drifting Through My Open Mind, and you don’t want to miss a Feminist Friday from Gretchen..
  6. Saturday Coffee Post right here.
  7. Talk about our quarterly stats in a social media post at Sourcerer on Sunday.
  8. Explain, ASAP,  the realignment of my social media, the near-term future of both this blog and Sourcerer, and where I’m going with the social media blogging and the long term project.
  9. Get my Tumblr account, which also has justgeneo in the address, posting again. Connect it to the Twitter account, but not to the blog. Link to it on WordPress with an announcement when it’s ready to go.

I’ll scratch more things off the list as they get done and note the actual order I did them in parenthetically. I’m interested to see how my short-term prioritization matches up with my actual workflow. I’m geeky that way, so I figure at least a few people might like to follow along with me.

Now for some spooky. Just after I wrote that line about prioritization and time management in the first paragraph, I went to go and read CompGeekDavid‘s Thor post at Sourcerer. Discovered he’d pinged me over there with a post at DBCII about his own  Priorities. Uncanny, right?

Thursday is my designated off-day here for now, and I may take Friday as well. I’ll be back with a post on Saturday for sure, though. 🙂


Reorg Note 2

I’ve registered It’s just an empty shell right now, but I’m planning to upload all the archives from this blog to it and use it as my personal blog. I need that URL because it matches my Tumblr address and my personal twitter handle. Here’s how the transition will go:

  1. I’ll pick a theme, upload the archives from this blog, and tweak everything until I’m satisfied that it’s functional.
  2. Once I’ve moved, I will replace the front page here with a static page which says I’ve moved.
  3. I’m leaving this blog intact because I don’t want to kill links on other peoples’ blogs, but once I’ve moved, I won’t be updating this one any more.

I’m going to proceed very slowly and put a lot of thought into this. What we’re doing with our Facebook fanpages and on Tumblr is not working. I’m hoping to figure out a way to start making a little progress on those networks by changing my network architecture a little.

I’m also reviving my Google Plus account soon. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me over there despite my complete and total absence for almost 4 months. I have a mobile now, and G+ is very mobile-friendly. So you can look for me to set up real circles and start giving some +1s over there by the middle of September.

#Blog Series Pitch: Social Media Sorcery

I have to create a social media document for my own use, and since I’m seeing interest in that aspect of my blogging, I thought I would pitch it as a series. Here’s a basic outline. Each Roman Numeral represents a post.

I can go one of two ways. I can add it to my list, write it as I need it, and run it as an occasional series for one of our blogs. Or, I can write the whole thing as a single piece, then break it into posts, illustrate them, and shop them as a guest series. I have to write a rough draft-quality version of it sometime soon, anyway, because I need it to analyze what I am doing and improve my game.

I. A short narrative that explains how we started. It will include links to the things we wrote about social media along the way and the some resources we’ve gathered. This is the intro; the body of the series will be specific to particular platforms and explain how I’m using various networks. It not something I’m presenting as an expert. Its focus is to explain why I do the things I do and what I think each specific network is good for.

II. WordPress – For the most part, my rule on social media is that “content” flows from my blogs, but “interaction” has to be tailored to specific networks. I’m sensitive to how my posts look when I publicize them, and I tailor them for visual media as best I can. What I don’t do is create original content for my Facebook fan page. It would be great to do that, but I haven’t the resources for it at the moment. Links to things I’ve written or read about the details of using WordPress, and the benefits of things like commenting on blogs and participating in blogging events.

III. Twitter – Explains how I use my blog account, which grows every time I go and really interact on Twitter.  Also, how I use my much smaller personal account to communicate with people who have shown some interest in collaborating. I don’t tell people what to do, I just tell them what I’m doing in advance and trust my relationships. If I get no interest or collaboration, I view it as having a motion in a meeting fail to receive a second and I proceed on my own.

IV. Facebook – Not going into all the details, but I’ve tailored my Facebook to support blogging. I still interact with friends who aren’t into blogs, but most of my attention on FB goes to bloggers and collaborators. We use private messages to talk strategy and discuss links that we want others to see before we share them publicly. We have an interest list to track blogs with fan pages, and it’s public because we want other bloggers to be able to use it.

V. StumbleUpon – Barely started. I’ve created a few lists. Last month, I stumbled a few of my friends who agreed to give me referral info just to gauge the effect of a couple of people stumbling three posts. Jeremy and Diana stumble things because they have long-standing accounts, and it’s easy. To be worthwile for me, it has to be organized properly from the beginning, and I can’t think about that until I get my Twitter account organized. I think it has real potential, but this is key: It’s a platform you need to understand from the beginning. I’ve read that it caps the number of people you can follow at a low number. If so, that means it is important to carefully choose followers who share an interest in something you’re blogging about, or to just start with friends and make your Stumble following 100% blog-friendly acquaintances.

VI. Not sure how I’ll deal with these last five yet, but I also have accounts at Pinterest and Deviant Art that I haven’t developed at all yet, and a Tumblr page that could be much more helpful long-term than we are able to make it at the moment. I use LinkedIn and Google+, too but I am not doing the kind of real networking I’m doing with WordPress, FB, and Twitter.

This is nine different networks our little krewe could be operating on, given enough time, as long as we maintain the quality of our blogs and keep developing friendships.

What would you do if you could write this? Write the whole thing, illustrate it with interesting stuff, and shop it, or just do it as an occasional series that I publish when I can on my own blogs?