Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I Come Up for Air

If we were having coffee, I’d be late because I overslept.

I’d tell you the last few weeks have been the most hectic I can remember, both online and off, but I think things are finally settling down for me. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath since the end of March and I’ve finally broken the surface. Now I’m gasping for breath, lol.

1000Voices_OfficialThere is so much going on I can’t keep up with it and Diana has a list as long as mine. In fact, I missed a Blog Blitz yesterday, which almost never happens. And there is a fabulous blog party going on right now that I wanted to show up early for, but haven’t had time to look in on yet.

1000 Voices Speaking for Compassion publishes next week, and the theme for this month is “connection.” I’m wanting to write for this one, but I’m not sure at this point if I’ll have time to get it done. Whether I get a post done or not, I’m hosting the linkup, and I am also doing some tweeting for @1000Speak this weekend.

I’ve also joined the A to Z Challenge Road Trip. I’m planning to get started on that this weekend or early next week. My plan at the moment is to visit all the co-hosts first, then start at the bottom of the list and work my way to the top. I’ll load the best finds into @justgeneo‘s twitter queue as I go, and once I get my Twitter accounts set up properly, I may use the Facebook page to share roadtrip links as well.

Post A-to-Z Road Trip [2013] (1)

Diana and I had a long conversation last night for what seemed like the first time in ages. Blogging is a thing we do together. It works better and it’s more fun when we’re able to keep tabs on one another, and since mid-March, we’ve been too busy to do that. Diana’s got a new job, I’m preparing to move, and we both have tons of family stuff going on.

We’ve each just had to do our own thing and keep it running. Our various threads are so busy at this point, there have been days when it was all either of us could do to answer comments and keep writing. That’s not a bad problem for bloggers who value engagement the way we do to have, but it’s good to be back in touch.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

And I’d tell you we kicked off a summer blogging project at Comparative Geeks this week. Diana and I are writing about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series over there on Thursdays for most of the summer, and there’s an easy way for you to join the fun with your own blog. We’ve had this one in the works since late February, and I am very happy to finally have it rolling.

Then I’d ask you what you’ve been up to 🙂

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Twitter 2.0

I wanted this to go out this morning, but didn’t get it done last night, and I just feel like publishing something. The Great 2014-15 Facebook Campaign has been a success. My timeline engagement is up enough to satisfy me for now, and I’m Facebook friends with almost 100 bloggers I was not friends with before I started it.

It’s cost me a lot of time to get it where it is, and it’s been time well-spent, but I can’t keep putting that kind of time into Facebook. From here on out, I’m happy with the progress, doing a couple of public shares on my timeline per day, and re-prioritizing my blog threads and Twitter accounts.

I am spending the bulk of my Internet time this evening setting up an eight-day run of scheduled tweets. All the links I’m sharing, once this starts, are for blogs to which I have access to stats. This is a well-thought out plan, and I am doing it specifically to test the value of my Twitter accounts.

I referred somewhere between 60 and 120 readers to other peoples’ blogs last Sunday from Twitter with 4 tweets. That’s a vague number, I know, but Twitter and Buffer are giving me different numbers, and I am not sure how they’re counting some of their stats. But even 60 referrals is a phenomenal number for me. I am looking to replicate it and confirm it with WordPress stats.

Scheduling is not all I’m doing on Twitter. I’m also doing my best to get engaged over there again. That doesn’t mean I’m there all the time. Just means I’m making a better effort to answer my notifications.

Whether this first run works or not, it will give me info about tweeting times, what sells, and the relative strengths of various hashtags that I simply cannot get from reading articles. Might be good, and I have no idea how long it will take me to actually get it set up. I’m trying to get ahead of the weekend and the next #1000Speak publishing date, though.

The great thing about this: Once I share these tweets once, I can start over at day 1, tweet the most popular ones again. I can edit the mediocre ones for better results. I can drag tweets from one account queue and drop them in another. As long as I don’t send the exact same tweet more than once in a week, and don’t share the same link too much, this should be effective on Twitter.


Here’s my recipe for tweet scheduling for @Sourcererblog. It can’t be only links, of course.

  1. Popular posts from Part Time Monster, Sourcerer, and Comparative Geeks. I’ve chosen these blogs primarily because the links are easy for me to get at efficiently, they all have posts by a variety of people (so I’m not repetitively pimping one blogger or one blog) and I can measure the results.
  2. Tweets in which I introduce some of my tweeps to other of my tweeps.
  3. Funny stuff, like maybe I’ll include a few items from the Evil Overlord List and The Pirate Primer since world domination and pirate jokes are my two most successful running gags.
  4. Random blogging humor to people I chatter with often.
  5. Chattery stuff in which I tag no one.
  6. I also have an A to Z Challenge Roadtrip plan for @justgeneo, but I don’t know how long it will take me to set that up, and the plan isn’t fully-formed yet, but I’ll post the recipe for that one once I figure it out.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Back to Business As Usual

If we were having coffee, I’d be more relaxed than you’ve seen me in weeks. I was up by 6 am today for the first Saturday in over a month. The spring semester is finally done and little people school doesn’t end for a couple of weeks. That means I have a brief window of time to get ahead with some writing and catch up with a few friends.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

I’d tell you Shawn over at Down Home Thoughts is taking a survey about values for a book he is writing. He asked me to help him spread the word back during the A to Z madness, and I’m just getting around to it. Here’s the survey; I took it myself a few minutes ago.

And I’d tell you I HOPE I am about to turn the corner on the social media organization madness. I’ve just about got Facebook sorted out after months of experimenting, and I plan to get back to Twitter and spend a lot of time looking at blogs and sharing them this weekend.

The summer run of Feminist Fridays are scheduled, and my first three Sandman posts for Comparative Geeks are completely finished. Now I am thinking about when to re-start my Tolkien series at Part Time Monster and try to push it to a conclusion. That series has been good for us, and it’s nice to have draft material of that quality and length to keep working on. But it’s been a time-consuming, never-ending task.

I’m ready to be done writing literary essays on the blogs. They take too long and don’t play well enough for the time and effort that go into them. That doesn’t mean I plan to stop writing about Tolkien, nor contributing to Part Time Monster. I’m just convinced that the way to keep growing, at this point, is to go shorter and lighter with the blog posts.

That’s about all I’d have to say today. There are a lot of people with new things in the works, both for the blogosphere and other social media. But I’ll leave those for another day, and hopefully catch up with you sometime this weekend.

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