Weekend Coffee Share: Not the Best Week I’ve Ever Had

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I had a terrible week and got so little writing done I did not actually produce a coffee post. And remind you that there’s an #AtoZChallenge afterparty at Victim to Charm happening this weekend.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

As I told you that I would be taking my coffee in gulps. And when I finished saying the stuff, I would be done with my coffee.

Then I would say “see you next week.”

I will not be on Facebook this weekend. I will not be on Twitter this weekend.


Don’t forget to add your coffee posts to the linkup at Part Time Monster and share them to #WeekendCoffeeShare on Twitter.

Join Us for a #FeministFriday Discussion at Victim to Charm!

For the next little while, you will get a mid-week post here with three links. The first two will be the next two Feminist Friday hosts. The third will be a link to a non-hosting blog that has something to say about feminist stuff. Usually, these will run on Tuesdays. This one is just late.

So, on Friday, we will be having a Feminist discussion at Victim to Charm. (@VictimToCharm)

The week after, we will do it again at The Lobster Dance. (@odorunara)

If you want something right this minute that mentions feminism and also passes the “smart-and-funny” test, give Humyn a look.We had nice conversation over the weekend.

#WeekendCoffeeShare (Afternoon Edition)

If we were having coffee, it would have to be afternoon coffee, because I slept in today. I’d tellyou this has been one of those weeks that just seemed to go on and on. It’s hard to believe that Natacha’s first post at Sourcerer ran a mere five days ago and that Luther is already back with a Walking Dead post. It has been a very eventful week for me on the internet.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

The first Feminist Friday discussion of 2015 is going well at Part Time Monster. I am looking forward to next week’s Feminist Friday at Victim to Charm, and am glad to have these rolling again. I also announced Blogging A to Z participation at both blogs and visited a few of the co-hosts. I am trying to visit them all at least once over the next couple of weeks. I’ve also been keeping tabs on 1000 Voices Speaking for Compassion and I’ve joined the Blog Blitz team. Like I said. Eventful.

The offline life has been equally busy with work stuff and grandson time. The highlights of the week were me hitting a hole-in-one in Kinect Golf and a conversation we had last night about Star Wars. That conversation started out with a simple-enough question about why Boba Fett works for Darth Vader instead of for the Rebel Alliance and ended with me explaining what mercenaries are. Which made me think of this song. I did not play it for my grandson, because neither the lyrics nor the video are age-appropriate. But you might like it, and the art development is interesting 🙂

And I would tell you next week is probably going to feel just as long as this one, but I am looking forward to it. We’re kicking off a series by Rose B. Fischer at Sourcerer on Monday, and I am announcing that one tomorrow. I am also hosting #SundayBlogShare on Twitter tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it. The last time I did it, I had a blast. If you happen to be tweeting tomorrow, do share a link or two with us.

Then I’d ask you how your week is going.