Welcome, April A to Z Bloggers!

We’re a go for the challenge. If you’re getting an early start and you discovered me by browsing the registration list, thanks for stopping by, and have a preview:

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

You can find my topic list here. I’ve revised it slightly, but not much.

I work from 10-8 Central Time, so I’ll do most of my browsing early in the morning and late at night. My posts will be scheduled to publish around noon. The theme for my first post will be Audience.

During the first few days of the challenge, I’ll start from the bottom of the participant list and visit as many writing blogs per day as I am able. Once things get rolling, I’ll also visit people who visit me, assuming they leave me a way to find them. I’ll also be dropping in at Part Time Monster (my sister’s blog) and our friend David’s blog to chat on their threads and visit bloggers who comment there. David and his wife Holly also write Comparative Geeks.

Best of luck with the challenge.  I’m looking forward to an awesome month of blogging and networking.

If you’re following me, or if we chat regularly, and you’re doing the challenge, this thread would be the perfect place to remind me that you’re in.

Update: Not a Punk Rocker, who I chat with often, is also doing the challenge, and she used a very interesting method to choose her topics.