Last Feminist Friday Discussion Until Summer, Right Here, This Week.

I’m hosting the Feminist Friday discussion on this very blog, and also wrapping it up for spring. On Friday.

No topic announcement for you this week. I am not sure how I am going with it yet. Some violence happened to me last weekend that has got me thinking about my privilege and the blind spots that come with it.

I even wrote a rough draft and had two other bloggers read it, but, just based on their feedback and what I know about both my weaknesses as a writer and my schedule, it might not get done.

Might just review the previous discussions, call it a day for now, and save the post I want to run for summer.

Either way. You want to show up this week. It’s the last until probably June. These things take a lot of preparation and coordination. But at least we are getting better at it 🙂

I was not able to dig you up a feminist blog link this week, but at least I brought you a feminist video.

Brace yourself! April is coming!

Only Two More Feminist Fridays Left for the Spring!

Gretchen at Drifting Through My Open Mind is hosting the Feminist Friday discussion this week. We’re talking about how gender bias affects girls’ decisions to study and pursue careers in the STEM fields. Possibly other things as well. Let’s just see where it goes!feministbloggersLOGOVERSION

Next week, I’ll have a wrap-up for this round of discussions right here at my own blog.

Just in case you haven’t heard, we’ve collected our best posts from last year into an e-book, Feminist Bloggers: The 2014 Collection. You can download it for free as a .PDF or e-reader text at Smashwords.

I didn’t have time to find you a recently-published feminist post from a non-host this week, but hey. Free download!!

The Feminist Fridays will be back in late May or early June, depending on how long it takes us to recover from the A to Z madness that is swiftly descending upon us. Have a Very Important English Legal Quote juxtaposed with an early Jolly Roger!



Join Us for a Feminist Friday Discussion at Things Matter!

The Feminist Friday discussion will be at Things Matter this week, and I have been given to understand that the topic will be particularly interesting.

Next week, on March 6, the discussion returns to Part Time Monster.

And now for your non-host Feminist link: Terri Hamrick, who I just discovered by browsing the Feminism tag, checked her “other” folder on Facebook recently and the experience inspired her to write a word or two about how women are treated online and about male privilege. This is my favorite part:

Recently there have been many discussions in public forums about privilege, and especially male privilege, how it is invisible to those who have it, and how the strategies of oppression focus on depersonalizing those who operate outside of the dominant group, how insidiously experiences are minimized, invalidated, gaslighted.  Being called out on behavior is not comfortable…  but learning about one’s privilege, and using it for elevating those who do not have it and advocating, being an ally, and least of all … NOT BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM… is all part of what it will take to end domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and all forms of abuse of power and control.

See you Friday at Things Matter!