Twitter 2.0

I wanted this to go out this morning, but didn’t get it done last night, and I just feel like publishing something. The Great 2014-15 Facebook Campaign has been a success. My timeline engagement is up enough to satisfy me for now, and I’m Facebook friends with almost 100 bloggers I was not friends with before I started it.

It’s cost me a lot of time to get it where it is, and it’s been time well-spent, but I can’t keep putting that kind of time into Facebook. From here on out, I’m happy with the progress, doing a couple of public shares on my timeline per day, and re-prioritizing my blog threads and Twitter accounts.

I am spending the bulk of my Internet time this evening setting up an eight-day run of scheduled tweets. All the links I’m sharing, once this starts, are for blogs to which I have access to stats. This is a well-thought out plan, and I am doing it specifically to test the value of my Twitter accounts.

I referred somewhere between 60 and 120 readers to other peoples’ blogs last Sunday from Twitter with 4 tweets. That’s a vague number, I know, but Twitter and Buffer are giving me different numbers, and I am not sure how they’re counting some of their stats. But even 60 referrals is a phenomenal number for me. I am looking to replicate it and confirm it with WordPress stats.

Scheduling is not all I’m doing on Twitter. I’m also doing my best to get engaged over there again. That doesn’t mean I’m there all the time. Just means I’m making a better effort to answer my notifications.

Whether this first run works or not, it will give me info about tweeting times, what sells, and the relative strengths of various hashtags that I simply cannot get from reading articles. Might be good, and I have no idea how long it will take me to actually get it set up. I’m trying to get ahead of the weekend and the next #1000Speak publishing date, though.

The great thing about this: Once I share these tweets once, I can start over at day 1, tweet the most popular ones again. I can edit the mediocre ones for better results. I can drag tweets from one account queue and drop them in another. As long as I don’t send the exact same tweet more than once in a week, and don’t share the same link too much, this should be effective on Twitter.


Here’s my recipe for tweet scheduling for @Sourcererblog. It can’t be only links, of course.

  1. Popular posts from Part Time Monster, Sourcerer, and Comparative Geeks. I’ve chosen these blogs primarily because the links are easy for me to get at efficiently, they all have posts by a variety of people (so I’m not repetitively pimping one blogger or one blog) and I can measure the results.
  2. Tweets in which I introduce some of my tweeps to other of my tweeps.
  3. Funny stuff, like maybe I’ll include a few items from the Evil Overlord List and The Pirate Primer since world domination and pirate jokes are my two most successful running gags.
  4. Random blogging humor to people I chatter with often.
  5. Chattery stuff in which I tag no one.
  6. I also have an A to Z Challenge Roadtrip plan for @justgeneo, but I don’t know how long it will take me to set that up, and the plan isn’t fully-formed yet, but I’ll post the recipe for that one once I figure it out.

Happy Friday! #WeekendCoffeeShare tomorrow at Part Time Monster 🙂


Note to the Crew


The #WeekendCoffeeShare is going great at Part Time Monster. The linky is still open for a few more hours. I have to be mostly offline until this evening, but do keep the sharing up and I’ll be doing off-and-on retweets from the phone.Emanuel_Wynne

I’ve done great with the networking and making of friends lately, but I have to change my social media habits for a few weeks to ensure that I deliver on my commitments to friends through April. Basically, I am in power-writing mode. I have to write, load, and finish a lot of stuff over the next few days in order to get ahead and stay ahead. What this means:

1. Twitter is a weekend thing for me for the next little while. I will check in there during the week, do some retweeting, and scan my notifications. And I am always happy for friends to share my stuff and tag me. But do not trust me to see an individual tweet or DM in good time. If you have something important, private Facebook communication or dropping it on a blog thread here is the order of the day.

2. You will see me sharing things to my Facebook timeline, because that is easy. But I’ll be doing less liking and commenting there. Basically, I am doing a big check-in on Monday and Friday, and answering the private and group communication that must be kept up for Sourcerer to keep rolling as I need to. Contributors and collaborators, feel free to contact me with important info on Facebook any time, and I will answer that. But Tuesday-Thursday, #amwriting, and I have to hit Twitter and the blogosphere hard on Saturdays and Sundays. Because that is where the weekend interaction is working. My Facebook activity consistently dies early Friday evening and doesn’t come back until Sunday night, so I see no need to spend time there on the weekends.

3. I will continue to answer my blog threads, produce blog posts, and be active in long-term discussions. Those are my first priorities.

Pending the time tonight to get the posts loaded and illustrated, I may run a four-part series on trolling behavior this week. If I do that, it will start tomorrow and at that point, I will unpin the Feminist Friday schedule, just for one week, and pin my #1000Speak post topic until Friday, at which point I will re-pin the Feminist Friday schedule.

Thank you, as always, supporters, for keeping me going. The social part of blogging is what makes it worthwhile for me. And we have made all kind of progress since the fall. Let’s keep that up.

Wheels Within Wheels


I am disconnecting this blog from the Just Gene’O Facebook page and connecting it to Sourcerer’s. I’ll explain the whys and wherefores tomorrow. For now, thoughts.

  • We already have two blogs posting to that page. In normal times I only post here once or twice a week. Makes more sense for this blog to be connected to the busier page.
  • I’m setting myself up to scour WordPress for shareable content to spread around on Facebook and Twitter. It’s no more trouble to share to the page than it is to share to the timeline. I could be doing both.
  • My personal privacy settings are tight. We need a way for people who are interested in what we’re doing, but not inclined to be Facebook friends, to keep up with us over there. And they need to be able to do it by following one page.

I’ve added widgets to both my blogs that allow us to see Sourcerer’s Facebook timeline. It won’t just be posts from Sourcerer there once we get going next year. I will share all manner of bloggy goodness on that page.

I’m officially rolling out Sourcerer‘s new theme in the weekend music post tomorrow and will have more details here about this latest Facebook move.

If you’re out and about in Internet-Land this evening and looking for something cool to do, The Monster has an awesome Thursday Thirteen for you. 🙂