Social Media Sunday: Twitter, Facebook, et al.


I’m doing a double-feature today. I’ve got another one of these over at Sourcerer which explains what I’m doing with Twitter for the next couple of weeks. Basically, I am standing the Twitter accounts back up and getting them right before I do anything else other than blog. This one will clue you in somewhat on the bigger picture.

Image via Suzie81's Blog, 2014.

Image via Suzie81

At most, I’m posting two scheduled status updates a day on Facebook because that’s all I have time for. These are mostly short text updates because scheduled link-sharing doesn’t work over there unless you schedule a public share to one place (a page, say) and then share it from the page internally (and manually) to timelines and groups.

For now, my Just Gene’O page is inactive and the Sourcerer page is doing what it’s always done — provide a landing space for publicized links. The blogs are all connected to @Sourcererblog, which is also tweeting on a schedule. The next thing is to get @justgeneo tweeting on a schedule and get those accounts to the point where they’re low-maintenance, growing accounts. Then we talk about the Facebook group and StumbleUpon.

This, the blogging, and the answering of my threads. are likely all I’m going to have time to do on the Internet for most of the summer. I’m driven at this point, people. We shall break the Internets.

New Order of Business


An aside to let you know what to expect here during April and beyond.

First, thanks to for giving me my first blogger interview and featuring Sourcerer on the sidebar for a week. You can’t buy promotion that good at any price, and the interview was a blast. If any of you want to do me a favor, take a look at the interview, comment on it, and poke around a bit at Chouett. That is an up-and-coming blog if I ever saw one.

I’m not doing the Friday 56 here for the next few weeks because I don’t have time to do visits or answer the threads, and I don’t want to become known as the guy who joins the linkup and doesn’t visit. Post-April, I’m planning to move that feature to Sourcerer and shift the weekend music to Saturdays until Melissa finishes up with Arrow.

The only things I’m doing at this blog until May, once I publish this, are #WeekendCoffeeShare posts. This is the transitional month for Just Gene’O. Once April is done, the only thing you’ll see in this space are the coffee post on Saturdays, promotions for projects & social blogging events, and series I’m testing like I did with the Friday 56 here for the last month. That’s what this blog has evolved into. All these things are a necessary part of my game, and they’re all I have time to do on a personal blog.

The about page obviously needs to change to reflect this transition, but I doubt I’ll have time to do that before May.survivor-atoz [2014]

If you are a friend or a regular reader, and you are doing the A to Z Challenge, drop a front page link on the thread of the directory post if you are not already listed. I’ll update that list between now and the end of the month, then copy it and run it at Sourcerer the Tuesday before A to Z starts. I’ll truncate the post Tuesday night and stick the list to the front page. Once April 1 arrives, no more updates to that list.

I’m also loading five weekend music/open threads for Sundays in April at Sourcerer so anyone who’d like to can stop by, share their own favorite posts or best finds from the previous week, and chatter on the thread.

Best wishes to everyone with the A to Z Challenge! Most of my time during April will be spent answering Sourcerer’s threads and visiting new blogs from the A to Z list, so you will not see me around much unless you happen to be visiting the same blogs as me or commenting on my threads. Sourcerer is #93 on the list as of now. I’m starting with #94 and doing my best to visit five from the list every single evening in April.

I’ll be back up to my usual tricks in May.

(Note the absence of tags. I am also not publicizing the post outside WordPress. This is one of those moments where I minimize the audience and see who’s paying attention.)


My Blogging A to Z in April Challenge Directory


Since Blogging A to Z in April theme reveal day is only a few hours away, I’ll go ahead and throw this out. Even though I’m not doing the A to Z Challenge here this year, I am giving it my full social media support. This is my directory of bloggers I know who are Bogging A to Z in April. Here’s Sourcerer’s reveal.

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