Note to the Crew


The #WeekendCoffeeShare is going great at Part Time Monster. The linky is still open for a few more hours. I have to be mostly offline until this evening, but do keep the sharing up and I’ll be doing off-and-on retweets from the phone.Emanuel_Wynne

I’ve done great with the networking and making of friends lately, but I have to change my social media habits for a few weeks to ensure that I deliver on my commitments to friends through April. Basically, I am in power-writing mode. I have to write, load, and finish a lot of stuff over the next few days in order to get ahead and stay ahead. What this means:

1. Twitter is a weekend thing for me for the next little while. I will check in there during the week, do some retweeting, and scan my notifications. And I am always happy for friends to share my stuff and tag me. But do not trust me to see an individual tweet or DM in good time. If you have something important, private Facebook communication or dropping it on a blog thread here is the order of the day.

2. You will see me sharing things to my Facebook timeline, because that is easy. But I’ll be doing less liking and commenting there. Basically, I am doing a big check-in on Monday and Friday, and answering the private and group communication that must be kept up for Sourcerer to keep rolling as I need to. Contributors and collaborators, feel free to contact me with important info on Facebook any time, and I will answer that. But Tuesday-Thursday, #amwriting, and I have to hit Twitter and the blogosphere hard on Saturdays and Sundays. Because that is where the weekend interaction is working. My Facebook activity consistently dies early Friday evening and doesn’t come back until Sunday night, so I see no need to spend time there on the weekends.

3. I will continue to answer my blog threads, produce blog posts, and be active in long-term discussions. Those are my first priorities.

Pending the time tonight to get the posts loaded and illustrated, I may run a four-part series on trolling behavior this week. If I do that, it will start tomorrow and at that point, I will unpin the Feminist Friday schedule, just for one week, and pin my #1000Speak post topic until Friday, at which point I will re-pin the Feminist Friday schedule.

Thank you, as always, supporters, for keeping me going. The social part of blogging is what makes it worthwhile for me. And we have made all kind of progress since the fall. Let’s keep that up.

Big News!, Meet Epiphanies & Peas, and Get Ready for some #WeekendCoffeeShare!


Big News

If you stepped away from the Internet over the holidays, this is what you missed. Go read. Leave a comment. I’ll wait 🙂

Welcome Back!

Meet Epiphanies & Peas

Epiphanies & Peas, a blog I have taken an interest in, launched on Monday. You know how much I love to encourage and help other bloggers. I’ve known this blog was coming for awhile, just waited until the launch to say anything. I am eager to watch it grow and develop.

Get Ready for Some #WeekendCoffeeShare!

Diana has registered the hashtag #WeekendCoffeeShare to @parttimemonster and added a linky to her blog to use for weekend meetups. If you write coffee posts or enjoy reading them, you don’t want to miss this.Featured Image -- 3218The idea is you share your link at the Monster on Saturday or Sunday, and you can also tweet the link to #WeekendCoffeeShare so other bloggers can find it and retweet it. The first coffee share will be this Saturday, January 10.

I’m not doing the full promotion yet — just giving you a heads-up until we get back on our feet and get the other projects running. But there will be a promotion before summer. A week-long one if I can swing it. A few things about why Diana dreamed this up and I encouraged it.

  • Coffee posts can be quick and easy to write, and a ton of bloggers get on the Internet on the weekends.
  • They can cover almost any topic, and several if you want.
  • They can be short or they can ramble. They can be rants or just be about your week. They can be a writing excercise (and thanks to Norm 2.0 for pointing this out).
  • You can do them or not do them at any time. You can do them on Monday, or skip them for a couple of weeks, and the next one is just as good as the last.
  • In other words, they are the ultimate free-style feature. This is why they are the only regular feature here, and why I reference the coffee in my tagline. It’s the only feature I need to make this blog work.

I’ve lost count of the number of bloggers who have told Diana and I that they started these because they read one of ours, but Nerd in The Brain certainly comes to mind, and I love her coffee mug. I wish we’d invented them or at least could remember where we saw them first, but sadly, we can’t take the credit for originality. Just for running with a marvelous idea.

The second-best day we managed on any blog last year was the coffee link-up I did in August to celebrate the rollout of this blog after I moved here from my old one. That one event came very close to topping Sourcerer’s best day, which involved four posts and a lot of luck.The reason it was so big is because I announced it in advance and I invited people to drop links to their own posts, then tweeted the links and pinned a board to mark that occasion.

The success of that linkup spun mine and Diana’s heads right around, and it makes us think the linky and the hashtag will totally fly. If you aren’t familiar with a linky, it is a tool that allows people to add links to a list. It looks better and is easier to navigate than a comment thread, so better for linkups.

If you want to see the potential, check out how the lists work for The Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesdays, Single Mother Ahoy’s #WeekendBlogHop, and last year’s A to Z registration page. Diana is doing a simplified one of those for Weekend Coffee posts because so many of our friends either love them, write them, or both.

We chose #WeekendCoffeeShare so this can run all weekend and because we’re trying to create synergy with other social bloggers, not just replicate what others are doing. We already have #ArchiveDay for Saturdays, #SundayBlogShare for Sundays, and of course, #MondayBlogs on Mondays. I scan and retweet from all of those more weeks than not, even when I don’t have time to share links. So here is a hashtag for the whole weekend, but only for coffee posts. #weekendcoffeeshare.

Now I can scan this one, too, and mix coffee posts in with my retweets, so I am not just blowing up peoples’ feeds with RTs from a single hashtag. Since it’s Diana’s project, not mine, l can be just another participant, but have a partner to work with from Day 1. I will be generous with retweets from this hashtag.

If you happen to be a coffee blogger who participates in some of those other activities, we have set this up so you can work #WeekendCoffeeShare into your weekend networking with very little effort. No need to choose between the coffee share and any of those other things.

Clever, Non?

Join us for the inaugural #WeekendCoffeeShare on Saturday (or Sunday, or with a coffee post you published any time during the week), at Part Time Monster.

(If you are wondering why an American posted this at such a strange time, I will tell you. I posted it for early traffic in the UK. Got tons of friends over there. Thought, just once, I would hit their newsfeeds while they are drinking their coffee. I hope I did my math right. Sydney, you are next 😉 These sorts of games are not that difficult to play if you only post twice a week and have a proper time zone app.)

Wheels Within Wheels


I am disconnecting this blog from the Just Gene’O Facebook page and connecting it to Sourcerer’s. I’ll explain the whys and wherefores tomorrow. For now, thoughts.

  • We already have two blogs posting to that page. In normal times I only post here once or twice a week. Makes more sense for this blog to be connected to the busier page.
  • I’m setting myself up to scour WordPress for shareable content to spread around on Facebook and Twitter. It’s no more trouble to share to the page than it is to share to the timeline. I could be doing both.
  • My personal privacy settings are tight. We need a way for people who are interested in what we’re doing, but not inclined to be Facebook friends, to keep up with us over there. And they need to be able to do it by following one page.

I’ve added widgets to both my blogs that allow us to see Sourcerer’s Facebook timeline. It won’t just be posts from Sourcerer there once we get going next year. I will share all manner of bloggy goodness on that page.

I’m officially rolling out Sourcerer‘s new theme in the weekend music post tomorrow and will have more details here about this latest Facebook move.

If you’re out and about in Internet-Land this evening and looking for something cool to do, The Monster has an awesome Thursday Thirteen for you. 🙂