About Gene’O

"Dandelion at Sunset" by Gene'O

“Dandelion at Sunset” by Gene’O

This is my recreational blog. It’s named “Just Gene’O” because I sign my best creative work with my first name only. I update once a week on most weeks, but sometimes I do special series or blog about things going on in the blogosphere. Here’s what you can expect from me here.

  • #WeekendCoffeeShare post every Saturday. That’s a weekly social blogging event that’s open to anyone if you write an “If We Were Having Coffee” post at any point during the week. Drop me a line or stop by on Saturdays if you want info about Weekend Coffee Share.
  • Occasional Posts From Personal Experience. These will be a mixture of just-for-fun posts about things I’ve done, posts about my relationship with my seven-year-old-grandson, and occasional updates on what’s going on with my two puppies, who I absolutely adore.
  • Social and Political commentary. I’m trained in the social sciences, among other things, and run a Feminist Friday discussion project with a few friends.  We’re working on taking this project to the next level and I’ll provide updates here once we get the next phase under way. I also follow international politics and domestic U.S. politics. I’m unabashedly liberal and I have a strong commitment to social justice. Don’t say you weren’t warned 😉
This is me.

This is me.

If you’re looking for fun blogs to follow, try out Sourcerer, a multi-contributor blog I run, Part Time Monster, my sister’s blog, to which I also contribute, and our friends Comparative Geeks, where we both guest blog from time to time. Pay attention to the people who comment on our threads. We know a lot of them and interact with many on multiple networks.

I blog because it’s fun, but I’m obsessed with finding synergies between social media networks and using them to build blog followings. That’s more difficult than it looks, because it requires more reading than writing, and more sharing of others’ work than one’s own. As I figure out new blogging or other social media tricks, I write posts about them as a way of making things easier for people who are up to the same thing I’m up to 🙂

"Self Portrait #2"  by Gene'O, from an original photo by my wife, Vicki.

“Self Portrait #2” by Gene’O, from an original photo by my wife, Vicki.

If you don’t know me and you wish to contact me, this page is the best place to leave me a message.

As of August, 2014, I use only original or verified free stock images on this blog. I’m not about to go through eight months’ worth of archives and change every post, but this is my plan going forward. Everything here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, but I reserve the right to attach more stringent copyrights to individual posts if I feel they warrant it.

I have a very loose, unpublished, comment policy. If this blog ever grows to the point where I need to publish one, I will, but for now my policy is to be nice and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Should you choose to mention me, share my work, or cite me, I prefer to be credited simply as Gene’O and have the hyperlink embedded in my name, but I won’t complain if you choose to do it some other way 🙂

"Radial Symmetry" by Gene'O

“Radial Symmetry” by Gene’O

54 thoughts on “About Gene’O

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    • It’s going great, Professor 🙂 My online life is taking a back seat to the day job right now, so I’m not around much, but at least I have a new blog to keep myself entertained 😉


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  3. Looks good. I like the way you’ve changed the theme of this. Meanwhile on another blog I follow with a similar theme ‘reblog’ doesn’t work well in mobile. I see here your ‘w’ button goes to the full edit option on line instead. Problem avoided.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. The new blog looks great! It feels more personal than the former one. And the changing header pictures is so cool! I don’t know how you have the time and energy for all that you do, you must be the busiest man on Word Press!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I chipped away at this one for awhile. It is more personal. Not having a true personal blog was getting to be a problem, and forcing me to make some weird decisions about where to place which content.


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    • And thanks for stopping by! It took most of a year to develop this blog, and really it’s still a work in progress. I’m in a lull with the photoblogging right now, but plan to start it back up early next year, not doing much writing-related stuff. This about page is a little out of date, I’ve got a new version coming soon. I’ll stop by and check your blog out soon 🙂


    • Hee hee. It’s not exactly a secret, but I don’t advertise it a lot. I love it when people who I haven’t known long find one of the about pages or look at the @Sourcererblog Twitter profile and have that “Ah-ha” moment. I’m so happy you stopped by!


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