Tuesday Texture: Lawn Furniture



lawnchair_texture 2014_08_28

photo by Gene’O

Tuesday Textures are not “wordless” posts. It’s perfectly all right to include a little text with them, especially if the text provides some info about where the shot came from or technical details about how you took the photo.

This is a shot of the seat of a neighbor’s lawn chair, taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 camera phone, which is the best camera I have for high-ish resolution photos and has the advantage of being in my pocket at all times.

Something about the geometry and the color just grabbed me.

I must send a┬áshoutout to my photoblogging buddy That Montreal Girl. She’s been doing texture photos a lot longer than me. I just came up with an alliterative title. That’s the easy part, really. You can find her on Twitter @ThatMTLGirl


Muted Monday: “Valar Morgulis”


ValarMorgulis 2014_09_28

Photo by Gene’O

Wordless Wednesday: Earth, Grass, Sky


 by Gene'O, 2014.

by Gene’O, 2014.