Wheels Within Wheels

I am disconnecting this blog from the Just Gene’O Facebook page and connecting it to Sourcerer’s. I’ll explain the whys and wherefores tomorrow. For now, thoughts.

  • We already have two blogs posting to that page. In normal times I only post here once or twice a week. Makes more sense for this blog to be connected to the busier page.
  • I’m setting myself up to scour WordPress for shareable content to spread around on Facebook and Twitter. It’s no more trouble to share to the page than it is to share to the timeline. I could be doing both.
  • My personal privacy settings are tight. We need a way for people who are interested in what we’re doing, but not inclined to be Facebook friends, to keep up with us over there. And they need to be able to do it by following one page.

I’ve added widgets to both my blogs that allow us to see Sourcerer’s Facebook timeline. It won’t just be posts from Sourcerer there once we get going next year. I will share all manner of bloggy goodness on that page.

I’m officially rolling out Sourcerer‘s new theme in the weekend music post tomorrow and will have more details here about this latest Facebook move.

If you’re out and about in Internet-Land this evening and looking for something cool to do, The Monster has an awesome Thursday Thirteen for you. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wheels Within Wheels

    • Does what I am saying here make sense?

      I had a moment of clarity last night as I was explaining how I think the building of Facebook pages works to some bloggers who were bummed out by their lack of success with it.

      We can’t really afford to work a page the way we work the blogs, which is what it takes to build one. But we can put it all in one place and I can mix our friends in with it, is my thought.

      And now that Sourcerer has workable archives, any post we’ve written so far can be located, have a proper featured image added, and be shared to the page. Any post.


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