Weekend Coffee Share: I’m Still Alive!


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you the last two weeks just flew by and I’ve barely had time to think about this blog. Weekend before last, we went to Little Jedi’s birthday party and a good time was had by all. Sadly, we all picked up a nasty bug at the arcade, and I spent half of the following week flat on my back in bed.

I did manage to publish a substantial post on gaming with children at Comparative Geeks this week, but otherwise, not much blogging from me in the last couple of weeks. Part of that’s because being down for most of a week left me a backlog at work to dig myself out of. Part of it’s because so much political stuff is happening, I’m spending a lot more time than normal reading and chattering on Facebook.

I’m not getting into the politics in the coffee post today, but I’ll have a lot to say about it in the coming few weeks. Although I’m eager to see what happens in the looming New York primaries, I’m not just looking at the elections at this point. I’m looking at a series of state laws targeting primarily LGBTQ+ people conservatives are pushing across the south and beyond. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the scope of the thing and figure out how to approach it at this point, but I’ll have a post about it soon.

And I’d tell you I may be scarce on the coffee share for the next couple of weeks. I’m giving the political stuff priority for the next little while, and I have offline commitments both next weekend and the week after. Since half my friends are tied up with the A to Z Challenge through the end of the month, I suppose it’s not a bad time to take a couple of weekends off.


My schedule should ease up a bit around mid-May, and I should be around more in the summer than I’ve been since this time last year, so we have that to look forward to.

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And now I am off to teach my grandson how to play Jenga.

Weekend Coffee Share: Welcome, Newcomers!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I don’t have a whole lot of time to talk. I am on my way to NOLA (that’s how we say “New Orleans” on the internet) for Little Jedi’s birthday. If you don’t know who Little Jedi is, he is Diana’s youngling. My grandson is a year older, and he is also a Jedi, but since internet handles must be unique, we just call mine The Kid.


These two have their birthdays in the same month. One at the beginning, one at the end. And they always celebrate at least one or the other in company with one another.

I’d tell you I was so pleased the Weekend Coffee Share was featured on the WordPress Daily post this week. It generated so much interest I had to stay up way too late answering comments on the thread. Also: Sharing the link all over Facebook and writing this post.

And I’d tell you I have plans. I’ve got a post coming on children and gaming at Comparative Geeks as soon as I can finish it. Another one on cultural literacy outlined for Part Time Monster. You’ll just have to wonder about until I get it figured out.

Oh yeah. Me and Hannah are still scheming big-time. And eventually, when things settle down, the Feminist Friday Project is coming back. So lots to look forward to as we get later in the year.

Here, and on Facebook if you pay attention to me there, you can expect the political chatter to get hot again soon. I’ve taken a break to let things settle and do other stuff this week, but I haven’t forgotten the politics. Wisconsin votes Tuesday.mlk_justice

I’m gonna rip the Mississippi Legislature a new one soon over a boneheaded “religious freedom” bill which will accomplish nothing except cost our state millions of dollars in federal court.

I am not done with Donald Trump, either. I’m just getting started on him.

You coffee share regulars need to be mindful of new faces on the scene for the next couple of weeks and welcome them. I did my best on that Daily Post thread to give everyone who expressed interest a personal response and encourage them to join in. Me and Diana can’t hover over the linkup this weekend, because we’re both out doing the same thing with the same kids.

So take a minute to encourage a blogger you’ve never met, if they happen to pop up on the linky list or on the hashtag.

Have a fabulous weekend, and a piece of NOLA history.

What I’m up to

Since I missed the #WeekendCoffeeShare at Part Time Monster last weekend and also haven’t brought the political chatter this week, have a post about my life. It’s a list of things I am engaged in right now. Sadly, there are no numbers because the list-numbering on WordPress got stupid while I wasn’t looking, and isn’t playing nice with the visual elements.

Taking care of my dog. She’s a girl puppy, just older than six months. She had her rabies vaccination and her surgery today. Also, a bath and a nail trim. She seems ok. She was wanting to play fetch with the rubber chicken awhile ago, but she is on limited activity for the next three days, so I could only toss the chicken about two feet and she was very confused about why I wasn’t tossing it far enough for her to run after it.

Lil' Pup. She's a monster, and a connoisseur of fine paper. That's Mr. Chicken she's gnawing on there. She loves Mr. Chicken, but they are not friends.

Lil’ Pup at three months. She’s a monster, and a connoisseur of fine paper. That’s Mr. Chicken she’s gnawing on there. She loves Mr. Chicken, but they are not friends.

She’s also on half-rations and can’t have tiny bits of human food, so she’s pretty pitiful emotionally even though she seems ok. Poor baby.

Having lots of headaches at the paying job. That’s to be expected. Shit happens. I just don’t understand why shit always seems to happen in several ways at once. But it does.

Plotting and scheming with my friend Hannah Givens. Last month we recorded an oral history in which I talked about my political experiences in Mississippi from the time I was a child up to the present day. We’ve got an hour of audio. We’re working on the transcript and figuring out how to present that content we generated to the rest of you. We’re also up to another thing, but I can’t talk about that one yet.

Working on a post for Comparative Geeks about my gaming adventures with my elementary-age grandson. Will mostly be about Halo. That one I hope to write this weekend (fingers crossed).

Having a disagreement with a local institution which requires me to write an email that is every bit as complex as the most difficult blog stuff I’ve ever written. That is why I’ve not had a post this week.

Figuring out new and better ways to support creative friends who I’ve met online and would like to see break through into big markets and sell their work (like Luther, just to name one).

Working myself up to write a thing about religion. Even though I dislike talking about religion on the Internet, people are making religious arguments to roll back the progress we’ve made on gay marriage across the South, and I had an experience at Gretchen’s blog the other day which convinced me I need to talk about it.WipeOutHomophobiaFB

Thinking about the elections. And now you get the political chatter.

I am curious about what’s happening in Wisconsin next week, and how that affects the round after. Wisconsin is the only big primary in a long, dead stretch. There’s potential for that election to change narratives and such.

Bernie Sanders’ wins in Washington State, Alaska, and Hawaii are the headlines on the Dem side right now. He won by larger margins than most people expected, but those were caucuses, two of the three are heavily white, and Bernie is running out of caucuses.

Last time I looked, Sanders had won fewer delegates from those three contests combined than Hillary Clinton won in Florida alone. So he closed the gap a little, but not enough. He has to at least play even in Wisconsin. However it comes out, New York will tell us where this one is going, I think.


Trump’s support among Republicans nationwide is approaching 50%, and Cruz is in for a hard stretch. Cruz’s base is very religious and very conservative people. The next two rounds involve a lot of states which have large populations of more socially liberal and less religious Republicans. I told y’all Trump is dangerous. He could win this nomination.

All we can do now is wait, scan headlines, and keep talking about the dangers.