Feminist Friday 2015 Schedule

The Spring Schedule

This is the timeline for a seven-week run of Feminist Friday discussion posts. I will begin promoting them on January 20.

January 30 — Gene’O (@Sourcererblog) at Part Time Monster

February 6 — Sabina at Victim to Charm (@VictimToCharm)

February 13 — LM at The Lobster Dance (@odorunara)

February 20 — Off-week because at least four of us are writing for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion on this Friday and I am spending all afternoon retweeting from #1000Speak.

February 27 — Hannah G. at Things Matter (@HannahEGivens)

March 6 — Diana at Part Time Monster (@parttimemonster)

March 13 — Open on a first-come, first served basis to last year’s hosts until February 15.

I’ll do a wrap-up post to end the spring round, and hopefully by that time, we’ll be linking up post for the summer round, which will commence once the April A to Z mayhem subsides. I’m leaving 03/13 open for another month. If someone takes it, I’ll do the wrap-up the following week. If not the 13th will be the finale.


  1. If all we can do is a six-week run, I’m ok putting in an off-week or ending it on March 6.
  2. If every week listed here is taken by other bloggers early enough for it to be reasonable, I am willing to write a wrap-up post and run it at Part Time Monster on March 20, which would extend the run to eight weeks. But I need to make that decision by the end of February.
  3. I’ve set it up this way to allow for maximum flexibility and give us a way to share the schedule three or more weeks in advance. This makes it easier for us to stay on the same page and helps eliminate the confusion that comes with me announcing the venue on the Wednesday before a post runs.
  4. The sooner we fill this out, the better, but I am not pinging anyone again until Feb.1. There’s a fine line between annoyance and getting stuff done. All of you who did this last year and are still talking to me are my friends now. I’m trusting friends who are interested in this and able to join in to show up.

I am happy for these to continue beyond March 20, and will help with promotion and comments where I can. My goal is to eventually build this thing to the point where it’s happening every week whether I am around or not. I didn’t invent it. Other bloggers piled up the firewood. I just happen to be the one who struck the match.

I am the steward for now, is how I see it. This isn’t mature enough to survive in the wild just yet, but if we can get it there this year, I will be a happy man. I have other commitments from mid-March to mid-May. Those must come first because they could increase my ability to find more people to comment on these posts and maybe even write them. So if you want to do more of these discussions during that period, you’ll need to work it out among yourselves.

Here’s to a marvelous 2015, you awesome Feminist bloggers!

updated 01/07/2015


4 thoughts on “Feminist Friday 2015 Schedule

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