April A to Z 2015




Emanuel Wynne Flag via openclipart.org.

I may be the only blogger not involved with planning the 2015 A to Z Challenge who’s thinking about it already, but that’s ok.

It’s an advantage 😉

I’m doing it up right next year.

Join me if you dare.


Registration will open early next year and the date will be announced in advance, if I read this page correctly. I’m following by email, so I’ll know the moment the registration date is announced. When I know, you’ll know.

I can’t help you complete the challenge, and if I’m already familiar with your blog, I likely won’t even have time to read it while the challenge is going on. So I am thinking ahead and making a list of other things I can do for you. Here’s the list.

Image by Gene'O, 2014. Original photo by Vicki, 2013.

Image by Gene’O, 2014. Original photo by Vicki, 2013.

  1. Welcome you to let me know you’re doing the challenge by commenting on this page and dropping links to your topic reveal and your reflections. If you have a particularly good post or two during the challenge, share those as well.
  2. Work links to your blog into my posts here. I’ll do this by including an “A to Z Friends” blurb at the end of every post and link to two or three of you per day. I can’t give everyone a link every day, but I can probably give everyone at least one link during the challenge.
  3. Give you a Social Saturday (or Sunday) after the topic reveal in which I pin and tweet your topics, and another once Reflections are published in which I pin and tweet those. If you’ve been hanging out with me for a bit, you know I am pretty good at Social Saturdays.

Things you can do to get in on this and help me out:

  1. If you decide to join the challenge, leave me a comment with a link to your blog and let me know.
  2. Drop me links to your topic reveal and your reflection at the appropriate times.
  3. Tell me in advance how you are planning to go about doing the visits. This will help us all more than you think.
  4. Spread the word that I am doing this by whatever means you think best, to whomever you think might be interested. I am starting early so the word has time to percolate through the blogosphere and as many people as possible get the opportunity to throw in with me.

survivor-atoz [2014]

Survivor Badge by Jeremy of Being Retro.

Right now, my plan is to visit 5 blogs per day on behalf of Sourcerer starting from the top of the list, and do five visits on behalf of Gene’O starting from the bottom, pinning and tweeting as I go. I’m hoping I’ll know enough people who are doing the challenge this year that we can bump into one another and interact on other peoples’ threads. That will help the new blogs we’re visiting AND help us.

Diabolo III free wallpaper from hqwide.com.

Diabolo III free wallpaper from hqwide.com.

I’ve never met a blogger who didn’t enjoy seeing two commenters interact on their threads rather than simply responding to the author of the post. Never. And personally, whenever I see that going on at one of my blogs, I take an extra-close look at the bloggers who are interacting. It’s a sign of real engagement.

If you are a past or current contributor to Sourcerer, you’re welcome to join the A to Z planning for that blog. I need to make a decision about whether or not to do the challenge with Sourcerer by mid-November.

If you are a collaborator, a social media friend, or a person who likes my blogging but doesn’t comment, you’re welcome to introduce yourself here and drop links should you decide to give A to Z a try 🙂

10 thoughts on “April A to Z 2015

  1. I think the planning for A-to-Z 2015 started with the planning for A-to-Z 2014 for me. We came up with a few different theme ideas for Comparative Geeks, and we decided on Character Studies because we could fill out a really nice list with them, and they tend to be some of our most popular posts.

    I won’t say yet what the plan is for 2015, though, because that would have to be decided between Holly and I. I have a main idea, but if we don’t do it on Comparative Geeks, then I will run it on DBCII – if I’m not running it separately elsewhere!…

    A to Z is honestly a great conceit for organizing posts. And once you’re organized, it’s much easier to get it all written! I know some blogs from the challenge that have posted almost no content since the challenge – or else, only their weekly features! It’s a fun change of pace, and is imminently attainable for bloggers. The hard part for me wasn’t writing the posts – it was keeping them short enough! Like… this comment might almost be too long!

    The hard part is the reading posts! I like that you’re asking for people to talk about their ideas for keeping up with that – I am eagerly awaiting their thoughts! I liked your list of blogs, but it seems that was hard to keep up.

    Also, new branding: pirate! I see what you did there.

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    • yeah! It was hard to keep up, and the reading of the blogs is the hardest part. The problem with the page is that it took time which should have been spent sharing links, and it left me no room to cheat on the visits. You know everyone cheats, right? 😉

      I’m not revealing my theme yet, either, but I am sending out a huge clue tomorrow at Sourcerer about what I’m planning for the personal blog.

      I am interested to see if S. can pull the A to Z off. I have a plan for it, which I will publish here tomorrow.

      And the best part: April is half a year away, but we know it’s coming. We could engineer a big April for a dozen bloggers. Easily.

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        • okay then!

          Basically, we’ll do a non-themed challenge, but unofficially it will be a pop culture thing. books on tuesday, comics on wednesday. Heavy on the TV and Comics the other days with movies, music, and social media scattered into the mix. Will give us a chance to link to popular stuff from the archives, or at other blogs (like CompGeeks, eh?). Good for everyone, if we can get enough people to do it that it doesn’t turn into me and you doing A to Z on on more blog. All explained tomorrow, if my communication skills are up to it 🙂

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