Sourcerer A to Z Schedule

We’re done with the invitation phase. This is all the information anyone gets until the topic reveal. But we’re good. We’re oh, so good. (updated 01/23/2015)

Three days left now. I’ve got a plan for those. (updated 01/20/2015)

Here’s April, 2015 laid out by day and letter. I’ve confirmed most of the invitations I sent in October, and we’ve only got eight open days left. I’m officially greenlighting A to Z at Sourcerer. (updated 12/28/2014)

Week 1
A – Wednesday, April 1 – Reserved for David
B – Thursday, April 2 – Reserved for Jeremy
C – Friday, April 3 – Reserved for Gene’O
D – Saturday, April 4 – Reserved, for Will

Week 2
E – Monday, April 6 – Reserved for Gene’O
F – Tuesday, April 7 – Reserved for Holly
G – Wednesday, April 8 – Reserved for David
H – Thursday, April 9 – Reserved for Diana
I – Friday, April 10 — Reserved for Luther
J – Saturday, April 11 — Reserved for Hannah

Week 3
K – Monday, April 13 – Reserved for Jeremy
L – Tuesday, April 14 – Reserved for Gene’O
M – Wednesday, April 15 – Reserved for David
N – Thursday, April 16 — Reserved for Melissa
O – Friday, April 17 — Reserved for Rebecca
P – Saturday, April 18 – Reserved for Diana

Week 4
Q – Monday, April 20 – Reserved for Holly
R – Tuesday, April 21 — Reserved for Luther
S – Wednesday, April 22 — Reserved for Jeremy
T – Thursday, April 23 – Reserved for Gene’O
U – Friday, April 24 — Reserved for David
V – Saturday, April 25 – Reserved for a Mystery Blogger

Week 5
W – Monday, April 27 – Reserved for Luther
X – Tuesday, April 28 — Reserved for Natacha.
Y – Wednesday, April 29 — Taken care of 😉
Z – Thursday, April 30 – Reserved for Diana

20 thoughts on “Sourcerer A to Z Schedule

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    • Hey Shawn, I left you a longer comment over at Sourcerer, and sorry for the confusion. This isn’t open for unsolicited guest posts at the moment. I have a a few invitations out to bloggers who I’ve promised picks from the remaining letters, and there are only a handful of days left, so probably they are all covered. Thanks for offering, though, I do appreciate it 🙂 If you decide to do A to Z do let me know and I’ll throw you into the mix in March when I start chattering with friends who are doing the Challenge. If I do happen to have a slot open once I hear back from everyone, I’ll certainly hit you up. I’m hoping to have every day filled by the first week of February, one way or another.

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      • Thanks Gene’O I saw the longer post. Lots of good info. There goes my afternoon productivity 🙂 No problem on the guest post thing. I understand. One of my goals for the new year for the blog is guest post at least once and also to have a guest post on my blog at least once per quarter.

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        • I recommend guest posting. It’s a good experience. And always good to have guest posts on your blog. Giving another blogger the center stage for a day is a good thing. It pays in Karma, if nothing else 🙂

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