Taking a Breather, and Happy Six-Month Blogiversary to The Monster

Thank you, again, to everyone who stopped by during A to Z and read my posts. Thanks, especially, for the comments. Comments are my favorite form of feedback, but I am also a big fan of likes, follows, and votes 🙂 I almost withdrew from the challenge the week before it started because I didn’t have enough content ready to go. I’m so glad I didn’t do that.

I said 30 days ago that April would be a transitional month. It has been, and we’re through it. It’s been hectic, and I’ve had to let a lot of administrative things go to keep up. I must shave off some time to take care of those things in May. Administration, even of a small social media network, is a problem. Administration requires you to be absent from public social media, but it has to be done to keep things organized and running.

I’m rethinking my quality v. consistency plan for The Writing Catalog. The A to Z Challenge has proven to me that a blog about writing is a good idea, but I have so many other responsibilities, I can’t really do the writing justice more than a couple of times of week, at best.

I’m considering using my A to Z posts as a model and doing one or two really good posts per week about writing for a while, with writing quotes and reblogs thrown in on the off-days. What do you think about that? Consistency doesn’t have to mean “daily” or “four times a week.” It can just mean “regularly,” especially if the quality is there.

I wanted to say so much more in this post, but I’m just out of time. Part Time Monster’s six-month anniversary is tomorrow; you can read Diana’s first post here, and I am sure she’d love congratulations. (You can also congratulate her on Twitter @parttimemonster.)

Next Wednesday is the six-month anniversary of this blog and Sourcerer.  We’ve done well, considering where we started. Much better than I expected.  I set goals for the first year before we ever started, and I was conservative. We blew through all those original goals in the first three months.

Six months of mostly-everyday posting is a real achievement, and the only reason we’ve been able to do it with two blogs is that we’ve had a lot of help from contributors and more experienced people.

For now – perhaps for as long as a couple of weeks – I need to put my time and energy into things other than this blog. But I’m glad I devoted my entire April to it, and I’m not going anywhere. Follow by email is my suggestion, if you want to catch everything I post here for the next little while. Once I figure out where to go with it, and get my house in order, I’ll publish a new plan.

I have lots of ideas for posts to write once I get the administrative stuff in hand, but rather than publish a list of those, I’ll share a high-energy music video from the heyday of Glam. It’s a cover. The original was released in 1970 by some fabulous Canadians.




13 thoughts on “Taking a Breather, and Happy Six-Month Blogiversary to The Monster

  1. I’m glad that you could complete the A to Z challenges! The posts were a great read. Good luck with all your projects. I’m glad that your blogs have been doing so well and I am looking forward their future!

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  2. I can echo Rebecca’s comment. Good content is what draws me back to The Writing Catalog and the A-Z challenge was exactly that, a challenge. No one expects you to do that on a regular basis and self-care is the most important thing.
    Still, I’d like to add just how amazing it was to enjoy your superb posts day after day. It was a real joy and I looked forward to them each day.

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    • Thanks! I’m very pleased with the way it turned out, and a little surprised at the amount of poetry that found its way into these posts.

      You know, I realized about a month after we started these blogs that this wasn’t going to be an everyday blog for quite some time, and I’m ok doing a lot of reblogging as long as I’m reblogging themed content. But it sure was nice to post here every day, even if for only a month.

      So, here’s a way the A to Z Challenged has helped me. One of the reasons I was only updating two or three times a week was because I didn’t know enough writing blogs that fit in well enough to reblog them regularly, and didn’t have time to find them with the reader. That problem’s solved now. So, once I recharge my batteries, I can do more updates than I’ve been doing, even if I don’t necessarily do more blogging here than I was doing before April.


  3. I agree that quality is much more important than quantity and I hope you don’t press yourself too hard to include content daily to keep the blog active. Little updates every other day and published posts 2-3 times a week is enough, imo, to keep it thriving. Many readers, like me, can’t read all of the blog posts we’d like to read each week, so fewer won’t lose our interest at all. I follow by email too.

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    • Thanks! And I agree. It isn’t that difficult to update a blog – but it’s difficult to write a quality post that goes more than a couple of paragraphs. And then there’s the finding of images, videos, etc. That can eat away a lot of time, especially when you don’t have a go-to stock of images and you have to think about copyright.

      Especially with this blog, the quality is definitely more important. It’s important for the other one, too – everyone strikes out now and then, but I can’t have my name attached to poor quality because I bill myself as a writer and editor, first and foremost. But at the same time, a bit of consistency with original content is required if you ever want to get to the point where people are commenting. And I thrive on comments. So it’s a balancing act. Thank god for contributors. I’m going to try and recruit a couple more for Sourcerer over the summer.

      I’m certainly not going to burn myself out just to post every day. I’ll do whatever I have to do to keep that from happening. A thriving social network is valuable, I get a lot of pleasure out of having one, and what I am doing is working. So, pacing myself as necessary.


    • Thanks very much! The feedback’s been pretty clear about the importance of quality, and I agree.

      My long-term endgame-type plan is to just post once a week at Sourcerer and administer it so contributors can load their own posts and I can lightly edit and schedule them. And make this my everyday blog (I just have to post something every day, unless I have offline obligations to prevent it).

      I’m 18 months and several contributors away from that, but I’m hoping to get there eventually. If I do get there, I’ll think about going pro, setting up a real domain, and spending a modest sum every month for link placement. hehe.

      That’s truly my plan. It’s why Sourcerer gets more of my attention. Sourcerer’s the one that’s going to turn into a real group blog one day.


  4. Congrats on completing the Challenge. Like you, I think quality is important and the Challenge is not just about getting something out there. You need to put a piece of yourself in every post and I really think you did that on here. Kudos.


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