#1000Speak: An Update

1000 Voices Speak for Compassion has a Facebook Page. The page went up today and already has nearly 300 likes. The group is almost at 650. There is a logo which I will use to create a sidebar link here when I have a second to monkey with the widgets.

100VoicesLogoI’ve never had an opportunity to watch something take off like this up close. Also, never managed to start anything this big myself. I’m happy to be a part of it, and glad I discovered it when I did. Diana and I are cooking up something special to help bring more attention to it. We’re still working out the details, but look for an announcement fairly soon.

The diversity and savvy of the activities being carried out in that group amazes me. There are not only promo posts being shared. There’s a shared pinterest board. A video being ironed out. #1000Speak was crafted there in less than a day. Ideas flying every which way. All being done with cheerful enthusiasm and very little formal organization. How can you not love this?

I’m going off-schedule for a bit. As long as I keep seeing developments, you will keep seeing late posts here on occasion. Basically, the part of the promotion cycle where I say “Hey! Check its out!” is over. My reach isn’t all that long, and I think everyone who I can possibly find out about this through me either knows about it or will find out this weekend when they catch up. Now, I am covering the news while brainstorming one more clever trick.

It’s fabulous to see so many bloggers in this group that I recognize from my threads and from Twitter. That warms my heart right up and makes me glad I am still blogging.

16 thoughts on “#1000Speak: An Update

  1. Ahem, yes. I’m slack on the Twitter. I like to rotate my social media dalliances as I can only keep up with one or two at a time. I will take credit for the bringing together of you and Lizzi. That I will proudly take credit for. Two supremely good people who care and want to do good. I’m proud to know both of you.


  2. I finally succumbed and joined Twitter to be a part of this. I live in Sydney and have been profoundly changed by the terrorist’s siege in the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place and have been wanting to do something to create a counter force of love to overpower the hate, fear and evil these terrorist acts put into our world. I have read FB messages from friends of friends working nearby who no longer knew where to buy a simple cup of coffee. Where was safe? I have turned to the Golden Rule and the inverse Golden Rule since the siege as a way forward for my own life and have written fairly extensively about that on my blog through the eyes of my dog who grapples with his “thing” with cats while trying to implement the Golden Rule himself.
    Writing through the eyes of a dog, allows for much greater free speech. I look forward to seeing how this campaign unfolds and will spread the word xx Rowena


    • I am so sorry I did not get back with you sooner. I just can’t imagine what that experience you are describing must be like. I just have no frame of reference for it.

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to check out your blog, and then see if I can find you on twitter. You can drop your twitter handle here if you like, or tweet me @Sourcererblog, and if you write about this, send a link to whatever you write to #1000Speak. Basically, I am retweeting everything anyone sends to that hashtag as long as it’s relevant until it gets too big for me to do that. And most of it from my personal account as well.

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  3. Some of the success could be around the idea of having a specific number to reach – and a very reasonable, reachable goal. It creates a reason to not just join in yourself if you’ve heard about it, but a reason to share it. Reach the goal! Easy enough! Join in! Seems easy and doable and effective. The success makes sense, and also seems repeatable.


    • Also important: Compassion is a broad, positive concept. You can do almost anything with it, so good for bloggers to do something in their own way with it. And it’s bulletproof. Who’s going to argue for less compassion?

      The repeatability question is why I am all up in it instead of just promoting it until I’ve informed all my peeps, putting Feb. 20 on my calendar, and moving on.

      This right here is what I, personally, am after. I want to know how it is done and I want to be good at it. Could be a life-changing skill if I can master it. Might do a lot of good with it.

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