My #1000Speak Post is Ready to Go!

Since I published my #WeekendCoffeeShare post at Part Time Monster this weekend, and since I already have my #1000Speak post ready to go, I’ll share an excerpt with you today. Feb. 20 was chosen as the publishing day for these compassion posts in part because it coincides with the U.N. World Day of Social Justice. I’ve only mentioned that in passing up to this point. Here’s why.1000speakLizzi

I’ve been promoting this a bit and so have some friends. Trying to get bloggers to write about compassion — from any angle. I haven’t wanted to give anyone the impression that a social justice post is required, or that #1000Speak is some unacknowledged effort to do a group political thing. It is not. I wouldn’t be part of any political thing that didn’t disclose what it was about.

It’s just that the publication date coincides, and compassion, as a topic, works well for some social justice writing. That allows people to write about compassion on their own blogs as politically or non-politically as they like. I chose my topic before the publication date was even decided, but my post would work for World Day of Social Justice even if we weren’t doing #1000Speak. So it’s a nice moment of synchronicity.

My post is several hundred words about nonviolence as a way of doing positive social change. This is the heart of it, and I do not think I am giving too much away with this excerpt.

Here’s how nonviolence relates to compassion – and what makes this a #1000Speak post. When we talk about social injustices, we are talking about systematic behavior that children learn from their parents and from institutions. Everyone is caught up in the system, and everyone involved in oppression is damaged by it. Even passive witnesses. Even the people who are carrying out the oppression. So it is important to empathize with the oppressors even as you resist them. And that kind of empathy requires loads and loads of compassion.

Do stop by on Feb. 20 and read the whole thing 🙂

11 thoughts on “My #1000Speak Post is Ready to Go!

  1. I am so looking forward to everyone’s posts on Friday. I would not be so excited to participate in this if I thought it was about one political side or another. It’s all about compassion. Looking forward to eating the rest of yours.

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    • Thanks! and we are agreed on the not being about one political side or another.

      I try to keep my political chatter on the Internet to a minimum. I don’t have the kind of support I would need to be effective as an online activist, so for the most part, I don’t see the advantage. So aside from one regular discussion project that I do because other bloggers support it, I just leave it, for the most part. But I will write educational pieces about nonviolence when I find an appropriate opportunity.


    • So, obviously way behind on the answering of the threads. I have posted every day here this week. Ramping up the activity and such.

      You still have plenty of time to get organized if you haven’t yet.


  2. o that sounds so … clever. Mine is just simple. I did some original art, the art isn’t good but it is mine and it is original. & and a small surprise, for those interested. 🙂

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