Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I Find Myself at a Crossroads

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I miss writing for the #WeekendCoffeeShare linkup. I also miss writing the pop culture posts, and wanking about social media, and occasionally ranting about politics. Writing — especially high-frequency writing that’s done just for fun — has to be a habit if you’re going to do it consistently. Sadly, I’ve gotten myself out of the habit.


I’d tell you I miss reading a dozen blogs a week and chatting with people on comment threads even more than I miss publishing my own posts. Facebook has somewhat taken over my social media life, because for the last several months, my internet time has come in unpredictable 20- and 30-minute blocks. And let’s just face it. Communication on Facebook is way easier than communicating on blog threads.

Well, I have a lot more free time than I am accustomed to this weekend, so I’m planning to spend quite a bit of time in the blogosphere. After I add this post to the linkup at Part Time Monster, I plan to check out the Princess Bride Linkup Party at WriteOnSisters.com.a-princess-bride-linkup-party_

I may even re-watch that movie this afternoon and see if I can rush out a post for the linkup myself. You can check out the FAQ here and you can add your own post to the linkup here and you can also share Princess Bride links using the hashtag #PrincessBrideParty. Check it out! It’s sure to be a lot of fun.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you we’re closing in on the time of year where I typically cut back on my blogging and start planning for January. I do this because in my experience, mid-November to late December is the worst time to try and get anything except holiday-themed content seen on the Internet. I’ve blogged so little this year, there’s really nothing to cut back on, but I am still taking stock and trying to make some decisions about what I’m going to do next year.

Part Time Monster and Comparative Geeks have both moved recently and they are both still thriving, so I feel as though I accomplished the two most important goals I set for myself when I came back to the blogosphere three years ago. My blogging, in the first instance, was always about giving either Part Time Monster or Sourcerer a chance to break out. And about forming a community of bloggers that was loose enough to tolerate a broad spectrum of worldviews, but close-knit enough to hang together whether I remained at the center of it or not.

I think Part Time Monster still has a chance to break out, and a lot of the contributors I recruited for Sourcerer during the two years I ran that blog are still talking. In fact, a lot of them are contributing for the new-and-improved CompGeeks. That makes me unreasonably happy. I feel that all the energy and sweat I put into the blogging between 2013-15 was worth it, even though I am a peripheral part of the operation at best (for now).

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

All this said, my own blogs are practically dead. I wasn’t able to bring Sourcerer in for a soft landing. I’ve almost slapped a coda on that blog several times just for the closure, but when I sit down to write the last Sourcerer post ever, I just can’t bring myself to do it. It hasn’t been updated in nearly a year, and the last post is a comics post Luther published for me in the last days before I decided I had to let it go for awhile. Sourcerer at this point is a like a story with no ending and that pains me. It’s still the most valuable piece of internet real estate I’ve ever developed, though — especially when I include the twitter account I built for that blog. That’s hard to let go of.

As far as this blog is concerned, it’s been through several iterations, and it has never performed to my satisfaction. I have around 350 Facebook friends and followers. More than half of those are bloggers and people I met through blogging. Even if I go back to posting a couple of times a week here on a regular schedule, I’m not convinced this blog is ever going to get me more than I’m getting with well-timed public Facebook updates.

So I am not sure where to go with my blogging in the next year. I feel as though I need to either commit myself to publishing one high-quality post per week, or else I just need to walk away. And I have no blog of my own that’s good enough at this point to post my very best stuff, because I can’t get enough readers on my own blogs to make it worth the time and energy I put into my very best posts.coffee

I’m still thinking, but it looks like I’m going to be a contributor at CompGeeks and occasionally at the Monster for the next little while — if I am able to get back to blogging consistently at all. This blog will be for infrequent personal posts and political rants, unless I can find a way to get Sourcerer running again.

I’d love to have some input from those of you who have followed me for a long time, and from those of you who have more blogging experience than me.

This post is nearly 1,000 words long, so I’m calling it a day. Maybe I’ll see you for coffee again once or twice before the holiday season kicks into high gear. Have a photo of my puppy, who I’ve talked about here a time or two before. She’s nearly a year old now, and this was taken a couple of days ago.


Have a great weekend, and keep blogging!

14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I Find Myself at a Crossroads

  1. I have no real advice to offer, as I have been spending time thinking about what I want for my writing and blogging life. Health concerns this year have prevented me from blogging as consistently as I’d like. I am about to tackle a new project, but I can’t let DeeScribes go yet. I’ll be watching to see where you go.

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  2. I’m in a similar place. I can’t let my author blog go, though. It’s my Author Blog. But I’m running a business now and I get more traction on Facebook than I do on the blog I set up for that business. My author blog is posting about once a month, and the trauma site is doing it’s own thing, mainly on guest posts but every so often I inject some rage and feminist thought back into it. That’s all it needs from me except for consistent promotion. I miss the blogosphere, but if I can get the same or more traction for my business with Facebook, then the blogs are basically functioning as archives for longer content.

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    • Yeah. My problem at this point is I’ve got no focus. I’ve handed over the pop culture stuff to CompGeeks because that’s a better site, and has the potential to do more good for contributors than I ever could. And I’m not really an author, so I’ve got no hook for a personal brand at this point.

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  3. All the best with sorting out your blogging goals. It’s difficult to work out the whole blogging versus getting paid for writing and having to live somehow. I have some serious health problems and can’t work at the moment so the time I’m putting into my blog isn’t directly detracting from income, although i could be more focused on trying to get stuff published elsewhere and earning an income.
    However, through my blog, I’ve really found and developed my voice and that’s a really important breakthrough for any writer, particular as it was very different to what I’d expected.
    On the other hand, I am meant to be writing books and the satisfaction I’ve been gaining from writing the blog and connecting with people, is distracting me in a way but at the same time, I’m also getting a better idea of how people tick. As I am working towards a motivational memoir, that’s very beneficial.
    Anyway, there’s a few thoughts for you. Thanks for the coffee!
    xx Rowena

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    • Thanks & best of luck.

      My experience with the blogging has been similar. It’s definitely helped me work out some kinks in my writing and made me a lot of friends, but I’ve yet to find a viable way to turn the social media thing into more than a pastime.


  4. I can relate to your indecision. I find myself stuck with my own writing. I’m not sure what I’ll do with that, so I’m no position to offer advice. But, if you find some, would you share it on the blog so I can hear it? I could use it! 🙂


  5. The Blog and Social Media Game is such a *game, isn’t it?! I have found myself going back and forth about what to do about all of it over the past couple of years. I *love my blog and it holds so much history and so many experiences, it’s the one I feel (right now), I’ll *always hold on to. Social media platforms are all so different and require such different interactions with different groups of followers in order to keep them up and going (nevermind the algorithm nightmares) that I’ve decided to just do what I want to do and, if something works/has a high reach, I celebrate. If it flops, oh well. I’ve decided to see the spaces as *my spaces and try to create the space in a way that’s inviting to others, but not to twist myself up too much about it anymore. Hope you find your peace with it all and do whatever it is you want to do regardless of what works for anyone else 🙂


    • It is a bit of a game, yes. I’ve played around with several social media networks, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best to focus your time on networks you enjoy, that you’re good at, or that actually help whatever project you care about the most. It’s better to have one or two active accounts where people know you’re a genuine person than to divide your time among half a dozen, I think.

      There’s only so much time in a day, and at least for me, I’ve got to get back to the point where I’m spending some of that time writing.

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  6. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot and are at a pretty rough place as far as blogging is concerned. I’m sorry I don’t know what to say since I haven’t known you before this, but I hope you get some good guidance as to where to go from here.

    Your puppy is adorable! I’m sure he gives you a lot to smile about.


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