Feminist Friday Summer Wrap-Up

This week we wrap up our longest run of Feminist Friday discussions so far. We’ve had discussions for eleven consecutive weeks on nine blogs, and this project is still going strong. We’re planning another, shorter run for later in the year.Feminist_Morpheus_Quickmeme_by_GeneO

L.M.’s post from the Lobster Dance, “Ask a Bisexual: Can Women and Men Ever Just Be Friends,” was recently published at Feministe. Luther Siler of Infinite Free time joined us for this round and hosted an awesome discussion on teaching girls as a guy. We have a page at Part Time Monster to archive our discussion posts from here on out, and Diana’s announced that she plans to make feminist content a regular staple at the Monster on Fridays.

I’ve missed a lot of the chats this run, and I’ve not had time promote them the way I did during 2014 and in the spring. Yet both attendance and the discussions have been good. All this is bodes well for the health of this project.

It’s amazing all this started as a conversation between three bloggers in 2013. You can read the backstory in my very first discussion post. These discussions have meant a lot to me, personally. They’ve not only made me a lot of friends, they’ve made me more sensitive to my own privilege, and they’ve improved my advocacy skills.

I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished — and we’ve accomplished a lot. We’ve produced 42 posts so far. We’ve collected last year’s into an essay collection which is available for free on Smashwords. Sabina wrote a follow-up to one of her discussion posts that ended up being Freshly Pressed.


I’m hoping we can keep it going. I’d like to continue finding new bloggers to host these posts and to join in the chats. I’m looking forward to this year’s collection. Seems like these discussions are shaping up to be an ongoing thing, and they’ve proven they can survive without the sort of micromanagement I did during the first year. So, uber-planner that I am, I almost tossed out a couple of project-related issues today.

Decided to do something fun instead, and save the project-y stuff for another day. I have three questions for you. Respond to any, all, or whatever combination suits you.

  1. Feminism_freeWhat’s your favorite post this project has produced so far?
  2. What’s the most memorable discussion thread?
  3. What topics do you think we should discuss in the next series of these?

If you’re just joining us, scan a few of the posts and threads from Part Time Monster’s Feminist Friday page and chime in if you like. I’m interested to know what grabs people. And feel free to answer item #3 even if this is the first you’ve heard of us.

15 thoughts on “Feminist Friday Summer Wrap-Up

  1. I liked the “ask a bisexual ” post. I think it addressed some stereotypical beliefs very well. Stereotypes sometimes do much harm to how society functions. Also how can you do a study and exclude a group of people?

    Luthers post about teaching girls was also quite awesome.

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    • I’m still thinking about what my favorite might be, and this thread didn’t get enough comments to warrant me making the hard decision (Thank you for being first!), but I like the “Ask a Bisexual” Post A LOT. And Leah did a good job with the art in that post, which helped. The ice cream cones. OMG. The ice cream cones.

      I mean, really. How much more clear can you make it than that?

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  2. I really like Diana’s post about last names — and the conversation that came from that (sparked some good conversations outside of the blogosphere too!). I’m also fond of Hannah’s post about Strong Female Characters 🙂

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  3. I’m not sure about the most memorable post. That’s like choosing which kid is my favorite 😉 Leah’s was one that really got my brain firing and showed me perspectives I hadn’t considered before. As for what topics we should discuss next go ’round… I’ll have to think about that for a minute.

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    • There’s a schedule file up now in the planning space. 8-week run that starts on Oct. 2, if we can manage that. Take all of September off, and done for the year on the Friday before Thanksgiving.

      I’m thinking now about how the anthology’s going to look. We talked a lot about girls and boys in this run, and we’ve produced the most coherent string of posts yet with this one. Would be good if we could build on it. What do both boys and girls need?

      Proper sex-ed is my vote.

      But I’m just gonna let the fall run go in whatever direction it needs to go. This is too important at this point for me to dictate a topic. Eight posts in October (which has five Fridays) and November is what we need.

      If we can’t get eight, six will do. And if we end up with nine bloggers wanting to write the stuff, we’ll extend it to the Friday after Thanksgiving.


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